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I will use information from the Yok3d Web site, and then explain it in more layman’s terms.

Well, it does exist and we call this little-known pathway the “REVERSE” Nitric Oxide pathway, scientifically known as the Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway.

If You Weight Train – The “Reverse” Nitric Oxide Pathway Is Like Striking Oil In Your Backyard While Planting A Tree…

It can generate nitric oxide via several routes that are enzymatic and non-enzymatic, making this pathway, in some respects, a more reliable and better overall way to increase N.O. (1-4).

Furthermore, this pathway becomes much more important and is favored over the classical pathway in conditions where oxygen levels are much lower and to some extent acidification occurs in a given tissue (i.e. weight training), allowing for vasodilation to occur and oxygen to be transported in these conditions.

We can utilize both pathways to obtain very high N.O. levels to achieve a level of vasodilation never experienced before.


How Yok3d works is…the pill reduces feelings of fatigue. In turn you can work out harder and for longer periods of time. Paralleling this is when you use Yok3d, you can reduce the recovery time after a workout. This allows you to be able to lift at the gym more frequently.

Yok3d uses reverse nitric oxide pathways which is the opposite of what almost every other nitrate products do. This is what creates the vasodilation, and extreme pumps you feel when taking Yok3d.

Pump: Yok3d, pronounced Yoked, is a pre-workout supplement, so it is to be taken prior exercising. The majority of testers reported back that their muscle fullness and pump increased when they took Yok3d. Many noticed more veins in their arms and overall bodies.

Intensity: Like Jack3d, another USP Labs product, testers noticed increased intensity prior and during workouts. This could be through caffeine or other herbs in the product. More will be known once the ingredients are released from USP Labs.

Dosing: The easiest way to take Yok3d is 90 minutes before your workout on an empty stomach. This is the dosing I suggest as I have found it the most effective. If you cannot follow this dosing suggestion, Yok3d can be taken another way. You can also take Yok3d 2 to 3 hours before your workout with or without food. Timing is crucial with Yok3d, so do not stray far from these dosing instructions.

Steve Tauriello,
Pittsburgh PA.
This is an advertisment I had been published in when USPlabs first launched Yok3d. I beta tested it for them and in return, was publised  in all the major magazines like FLEX and Muscular Development.
This is by far one of the Best N.O. (nitric oxide) boosters on the market.  The endurance, strength and PUMPS I got was untouchable to any other N.O. boosters on the market. I highly recommend using Yok3d with Jack3d or any other pre-workout of your choice to meet your goals while training.
Please check out Yok3d and USPlabs products on our site for further ingredient lists and details.
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  1. Hi, can you confirm please if you still sell the old formula of yoked ( ie 90 caps), or only have the new formula ( ie 120 caps).
    Thanks, Craig..

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