ETB “Eat The Bear” Pure Isolate Protein Review

So we had some of our friends over at P28 Foods refer us to a company they work closely with about taking on their new product line. After speaking with these guys, we decided to bring on ETB.

IFBB Pro and ETB Sales Rep Dean Michael had sent over a tub of the ETB Chocolate Pure Isolate Protein to try out for ourselves. Now, isolate protein tends to be gritty and doesn’t dissolve well. At Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs and Zero Fat, this isolate was claimed to be the real deal.

Apprehensive about trying out this protein Dean had rant and raved about, I took 1 level scoop with 20oz of cold water, let’s just see how good this really taste and mixes.

Dean could have not been anymore right with this protein. Among all pure isolates that we have tasted, the ETB Pure Isolate stands out at the top of its kind. The chocolate flavor being a very creamy cocoa flavor definitely caught me off guard with its rich texture and pure, smooth chocolate flavor.

It was also recommended to help cure that sweet tooth, take 1 level scoop and add 2 tbl spoons of cold water into a bowl. Take a wire whisk or spoon and whip it into an icing or cream. After, take the whip and spread it onto rice cakes or your favorite nutritional treat for a nice added healthy snack food to your diet!