Frozen Xtend Strawberry Lemonade for Two

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade 2 -

What is better on a hot day than a frozen drink? Two frozen drinks that contain essential amino acids and won’t break your wallet! This quick and easy drink is refreshing and helps with recovery. The sweet flavors from the strawberries and amino acids balance perfectly with the lemon’s tang.

Prep and prepare: 10 minutes

Frozen Scivation Xtend Strawberry Lemonade -


– 1 Scoop Scivation Xtend Intra-Workout Catalyst
– 1 Lemon
– 4 Strawberries
– 8 Ice Cubes
– 1 Cup Cold Water

Optional: 2 extra strawberries as a garnish

Instructions: Peel lemon and cut the stems off of the strawberries. Put all of the ingredients into a magic bullet or a blender. Blend for 45 seconds. Pour into wine glasses and garnish your glasses as you please. Then, sip away!

Recipe by Rachel Calhoun
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Protein “Icee”

Hey everyone!

The heat is starting to crank up a few notches, so I have a super healthy, guilt free, and easy recipe to cool things down a bit! It is easy to get caught up with indulging in all of the ice cream and fro-yo being thrown around during the summer. You may be under the impression that going to a frozen yogurt shop may seem like the healthier route than getting regular ice cream, but you might want to think again. Plain frozen yogurt may have less fat and calories than hard ice cream, but when you add all of the extra cookie dough bites, brownie pieces, sugar-coated dried fruit, sprinkles, syrups, etc. you’re not really benefitting much at all. You could just settle for plain frozen yogurt, but that’s really not much fun either. So why not just make some frozen treats at your own home?

RECIPE : Protein Mint Chocolate Chip Icee
What you’ll need:

-Chocolate mint tea (Stash makes a great and fairly cheap one)
-Cookies ‘n creme protein powder (my favorite brand is Matrix)
-Ice (preferably this kind!!! It blends the best)
-Flavored Stevia (chocolate liquid drops or french vanilla packets. Although unflavored works just as fine!)
-Splash of almond milk


  • First you’ll need to make some iced tea. I made mine simply by boiling 5 cups of water, putting in 7 tea bags, throwing in a few ice cubes, and then refrigerating it.
  • Next get out your blender. A smaller (single serving) one will work best in this case! Per serving put in: 3/4 c ice, 3/4 c iced tea, 1 scoop protein powder, splash of almond milk, and either a packet of stevia or a few drops of liquid stevia.
  • Blend together until it makes a smooth “icey” consistency. (Roughly 45 seconds).
  • Pour in a pretty glass, dust with cocoa powder or cinnamon and enjoy!

There are many ways to change up the flavor of this recipe! For added health and/or fat burning benefits, feel free to use a flavored green tea with plain vanilla protein powder! For an anti-oxidant punch, throw in some berries and/or chia seeds. For a creamier taste, add 1/2 banana. Have fun with it and be creative! If you make this recipe or any of my recipes for that matter, I’d love to see! Tag me on Facebook, tweet @bee_russ, or on Instagram @brussy 🙂