It has been confirmed. The New DORKS flavor MAN Sports ISO-AMINO is on its way!

MAN Sports DORKS flavor ISO-AMINOs -

The new candy flavor amino craze sets MAN Sports ahead of the game. These guys releasing some of the most tasteful products on the market to date. The first 2 “candy” flavored ISO-AMINOs had been StarBlaze and the SC best selling flavor, “Sour Batch“. These guys are coming at you with the latest “DORKS™” flavor of aminos, said to be a replica of a candy flavor. It has also been rumored that a 4th flavor is in production. Can you guess what it might be? Until then, we are anticipating a some awesome feedback on the new DORKS™ flavor MAN Sports ISO-AMINOs™.

Name change to MAN Sports™ newest flavor of ISO-AMINO™


Launching the candy flavored ISO-AMINO™ has set MAN Sports™ a part from the crowed. The Sour Batch has been the fasted growing Amino Acid flavor. The creativity of these flavors has lead to their newest candy flavored amino Starblaze.


The release of the new label on their Facebook page has shown that this flavor is now in production and is ready to hit the shelves!

The new candy craze flavors with MAN Sports™ ISO-AMINO’s with their new Fruit Smash flavor

MAN Sports™ does it again with a new mouth watering flavor of ISO-AMINOs, Fruit Smash! Not to be mistaken with your favorite childhood candy, the flavor is just about the same, just without the sugar. Willy Wonka Factory or Supplement Manufacturer? Just keep pumping out amazingly unique flavors MAN Sports™, we love them!

We’ve done it with the Sour Batch MAN Sports™ ISO-AMINO’s, try filing an ice tray with a mixture of water and 1 heaping scoop of Fruit Smash flavor. Drop the ice cubes in a shaker or water bottle on your way to the gym for a “sustained” release TASTY amino drink. The new Fruit Smash flavor ISO-AMINOs will be available soon, we will keep you posted!