Rivalus Clean Gainer

Go big or go home, isn’t that what they say?  With Rivalus Clean Gainer that’s exactly what you will get, BIG.  Finally a product designed for the serious athlete to get some serious gains. 

Clean Gainer contains 30 grams of cold filtered concentrated micronized protein in every scoop along with 90 grams of clean low-glycemic carbohydrates and only 7 grams of fat; all of which are healthy and natural.  Most gainers out there do not contain carbs from clean sources like Rivalus does. Clean Gainer does just that. It gives you clean gains by loading you up with healthy calories from things like organic quinoa, sunflower oil, rolled oats, brown rice, monk fruit and avocado.  It is not only good for the serious athlete looking to make some crazy gains, but also for anyone following a healthy diet.  It is also packed full of BCAA’s ; L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. Rivalus Clean Gainer

We all know that not all things that are good for you taste good, but Rivalus Clean Gainer does and it mixes easily and without clumping.  It goes through a micro-filtration system that only lets the smallest particles through allowing it to mix up without clumping or sticking to the sides of your shaker.  Just mix with 14oz. of H2O and enjoy.

If you really want to get an edge on the competition combine Clean Gainer with other Rivalus products. Did we mention it is also 100% WADA IOC Compliant.


Introducing Animal Mass – From the makers of Animal Pak


Animal has just released it’s version of a weight gainer supplement called Animal Mass. It’s geared for those who are looking for an above average weight gainer and not settling for the run-of-the-mill sugar infused, cheap protein sourced garbage that seems to be everywhere.

With Animal Mass you are getting a phenomenal carbohydrate blend of maltodextrin, inulin, oat fiber and wazy maize, all key components for serious growth.  The maltodextrin will give your system a great insulin spike which can be very beneficial post workout.  The oat fiber and wazy maize are great for the sustained release of energy which will keep you fuller for a much longer time period.

The Animal Mass Protein Blend is also top notch.  It consists of ultra filtrated whey protein concentrate, cross flow micro filtered whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, milk protein concentrate, micellar casein and instant egg albumin.  This blend not only gives you the fast acting proteins for immediate amino uptake, it also provides you with the slow digesting proteins to keep the amino acids flowing in your blood stream, which is another key component to this formula.

Now to aid your body in digesting all this calorie goodness, Animal has also incorporated the following EFA’s and Digestive Enzymes; MCT powder, sunflower oil powder, flax seed powder, papain and bromelain.  MCTs are a beneficial supplement for fueling physical exertion given their rapid rate of absorption and quick metabolic conversion into cellular energy.  MCTs can be quickly mobilized in the post-exercise recovery phase to rebuild muscles and prevent catabolism as well.  Bromelain not only aids in digestion, it also helps reduce inflammation and decreases healing time.  Papain has a unique quality as it helps the digestion of proteins.


Animal has been in this game for years and they never have lacked in quality with their supplements.  They put a lot of time, money and research into perfecting their products before they are released.  You can’t go wrong with Animal.