Purus Labs Releases Images of the New TheaTrim™ Bottle

Just in, the new Purus Labs TheaTrim™ 60 capsules bottle. Looks like Purus Labs keeps building to their arson with some of the most effective and powerful products on the market. The product labels look as amazing as the ingredients they put into it. Based from the lab reports on the new Teacrine™, it looks as if this ingredient may just surpass 1,3 dimethylamylamine which was made famous by Oxy Elite Pro and Jack3d (original formulas). Samples will be available in mid October with the release of the new Purus Labs TheaTrim™ product. Check back with us for updates, pricing and availability!

Purus Labs Secret Thermogenic Ingredient Revealed

We heard that the guys over at Purus Labs were cooking up something new and exciting, we didn’t know it was going to be an ingredient that may take the weight loss industry into a whole new direction since the extinction of Oxy Elite Pro.

On August 19, 2014, Purus Labs secured a deal to introduce patent-pending TEACRINE™ to the world with their latest thermogenic Purus Labs THEATRIM™! The Teacrine™ ingredient will be able to provide energy beyond caffeine and having clean energy that moves you and doesn’t relent. As reports show, Teacrine™ cased significant improvements in energy and reductions in fatigue with some change with improvement in concentration.

As much anticipation is expected for the next best thermogenic, we hope to see this product in our hands within the next few weeks. The presents will be known so be sure to check back this September for more details!