Labrada’s All New BCAA Power

Fermented BCAA Power

The all new Labrada BCAA POWER is a combination 7 grams of fermented BCAA’s (2:1:1), 3 grams of Fermented Glutamine and 1 gram of coconut water extract for added electrolytes. Check out the video to get the latest information on this great new product from Labrada!

7 grams natural BCAA’s – no byproducts or contaminants.

3 grams of Glutamine – for increased recovery and immune support


1 gram of Coconut Water Extract
Electrolytes include:
20mg Calcium
40mg Potassium
25mg Sodium
2mg Magnesium
1mcg Chromium
1mcg Molybdenum


Chasing the Intense Energy & Extreme Pump – The Cellucor C4 50X Run Down

Since the launch of Cellucor G4 (Fourth Generation of Products), we can see they’ve taken the C4 Extreme and broke it down into separate series of C4’s. Not rolling out the C4 Extreme in the G4 series, but in addition to that, Cellucor has pumped out C4 Mass, C4 Ripped, and the latest arrival to SC, C4 50X.

So what makes the new 50X different from the others? Well the C4 Mass is as simple as it is named. They’ve added carbohydrates and additional creatine to the Mass blend; again simple. Reviews on this product are coming in slowly as the new G4 series has been picking up. The Mass has performing well with majority of our customers. We can’t say the same for the C4 Ripped as of yet with little to no feedback. – Stay tuned for those though!

The C4 Ripped has mass similarities to the Super HD Powder, yet still holding the C4 label. Could be that the Super HD Powder is being phased out? We will leave you to decide that.

On to the answer for the question above, what makes the C4 50x different from the rest? After quickly reviewing the nutritional panel and not going to much in depth, it appears quite simple. They’ve integrated TeaCor™, XCELICOR™ and the traditional Caffeine Anhydrous (I know same-old yada yada.) The most intriguing thing about this blend are the two “fancy” caffeine’s. Not by name but how the absorption rate by the body, each source provides. As old school caffeine anhydrous hits the system quickly and yet not as efficiently, meaning the body doesn’t process and absorb anhydrous to the fullest. On to the TeaCor™ and the XCELICOR caffeine’s.

Both TeaCor™ and XCELICOR™ are a more efficient, moderate to fast absorbing caffeine’s with lasting effects. What do I mean by “lasting effects”? It’s been tested that XCELICOR has lasting effects up to 6 hours after consumption. Say WHAT! Yes, the effect of XCELICOR compared to regular caffeine is that it’s been shown to improve mental clarity, greater concentration, improved energy & alertness, and most important, NO adverse effects.

The release of TheaTrim™ by Purus Labs, utilized the TeaCor™ compound well before C4 50X came out. The TeaCor™ seems to affect the brain, closer to the effects of caffeine in which stimulates the central nervous system and decreases the central nervous system at lower doses. The biggest difference between TeaCor™ and Caffeine is that TeaCor™ has been shown NOT to effect blood pressure, and also has been suggested that it has much less effects on the liver as it does not cause liver damage usually causes by stress when utilizing caffeine.

Okay, enough of the energy and focus talk. On to the pump compounds in the C4 50X. Again, briefly running through the panel we can see it contains the essentials, beta alanine, arginine AKG, and the most favorable Creatine Nitrate (N3-T™).

With the basics covered and the additional energy sources, the new Cellucor G4 C4 50X would definitely be an interesting product to try, and is now available!

Is it really REAL FOOD?

There’s nothing more nutritional than real food, so what’s the deal with Rich Piana’s 5 Percent Nutrition REAL FOOD? It’s exactly what it is labeled, real food. No, it’s not packed with chicken, beef and all those protein sources (that wouldn’t smell good anyways, right?) needed to grow but REAL FOOD is built with natural carbohydrates. The carb sources in REAL FOOD are Pounded Yam, Oats, Sweet Potato, and Blueberry Fruit Powder! Now you will need to consume this with a protein source for a complete meal, but all of that in one scoop? – No brainer. Hit your macros clean and easy.

This product mixes extremely easy with water and contains absolutely zero added sugars. You can use this product for post workout glycogen replenishment or even as a pre-workout carb loading. Compared to going out, purchasing carbs and prepping them, this all-in-one product averages $0.72 per serving. Not too shabby. So get the most out of your carbs and try out REAL FOOD in two amazingly delicious flavors, Sweet Potato Pie and Blueberry Cobbler!

Photo Ready Labeled Product with an Amazing Taste

I know what you may think, another protein product…really? The USPlabs team has put together yet another protein product. Since the discontinued OxyElite Protein, the void of a protein product was shortly filled with the newly formulated Modern Protein. The biggest question we get is, “Is it the same as OxyElite Protein? What makes this protein product different?”

The breakdown of proteins within the Modern Protein goes like this. The proteins are made up of Triple Isolate Matrix, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate (fastest acting protein source) along with a part Whey Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein (slow digesting protein source).  With this blend, you get a part fast digesting and absorbing proteins and a part moderate to slow digesting and absorbing proteins, leaving you feeling full longer.

They also add a Lipid Matrix and Digestive Enzymes to this blend. The Lipid Matrix consists of Sunflower Oil, Mono & Di-Glycerides (healthy fatty-acids), Disodium Phosphate (salt like compound), Silicon Dioxide (a compound to absorb moisture), and Tocopherols (flavor protection)). Some may have issues breaking down a heavy whey concentrate or a caseinated protein, with the lipid and digestive support, this product should breakdown easy for a stress free digestive system.

Last but not least, the flavor. Although the competition of flavored protein on the market is high, most companies stick to the core flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. This may be temporary but for now, the flavors USPlabs built – although basic – are delicious and can be consumed with good old H2O or mixes well in a blender/nutrabullet.  The cost per scoop isn’t bad, some may ask, it is roughly $1.15 USD per scoop in the 2lb container and roughly $0.94 per scoop in the 5lb container. Both are now available.

iForce Nutrition Conquer Review and Breakdown

At the launch of the all new iForce Nutrition Conquer, we had asked what makes Conquer stand out among all other pre-workout formulas. Their response had great key-points on why Conquer sticks out in the growing pre-workout supplement community.

When designing Conquer we found that if we can master FOUR KEY Components of PreWorkout Then we have the BEST:

1)    Release Adrenaline for Super Human Energy – Adrenaline is the best form of energy your body has.  Fight of Flight!  Controlled you will always FIGHT!

2)    Increase your capacity to lift heavier – Lift more weight build stronger muscle,  run faster build more speed, kick harder increase your strength, etc

3)    Increase Endurance – Now lifting heavier weights for a longer time builds stronger muscle fibers, run faster for a longer time you become faster,  be able to run down the field and kick with super human strength you are the real deal

4)    Mind Muscle Super Focus – Get in the zone.  Don’t just train, train with a purpose.

Release Adrenaline for Super Human Energy


Conquer’s Energy and Adrenaline Release Matrix includes compounds that are clinically proven to increase your adrenaline levels.  This blend is designed to hit your Central Nervous System in such a manner that Adrenaline is increased and your performance sky rockets.  If you can do it without Adrenaline, What can you do with it?

Increase Strength


With inclusion of 2 exclusive Matrixs:  Nitric Oxide and Endurance Explosion Matrix and Intense Volumization and Strength Matrix.  These two matrix include components that are clinically proven to enhance your strength.  Key ingredients include: Creatine O Phosphate and Creatine Monohydrate.  These components coupled with the Ardrenaline Release Matrix are meant to create a Super Human Workout.

Increase Endurance


Conquer’s combination of Nitric Oxide and Endurance Explosion Mtrix and Intense Volumization and Strength Matrix – we have focused on forcing more blood flow to muscles allowing more nutrients and oxygen to hit you while training.  This provides more energy and forces more reps.  Key components are: Agmatine Sulfate, L-Norvaline and L-Tarine.  These ingredients are proven to get results.

Mind Muscle Super Focus


Conquers unique Energy and Adrenaline Release Matrix by hitting your CNS allows you focus in the gym and move from one exercise to the other without skipping a beat.  Don’t just go through the motions, build your body and create performance.

By hitting these four areas iForce has designed a complete preworkout product that provides you with everything needed! Check out the New iForce Nutrition Conquer here.