Rule One Proteins: Pre-Train review and breakdown.

Rule One Proteins Pre Train

With one of the top rising proteins in quality, taste and effectiveness, Rule One Proteins has taken their creed of “better input = better output” seriously with their pre-workout.  Pre-Train is loaded with just the right amount of ingredients to come on quick, give you a great workout and not leave you stimmed out for hours after, which is great for an evening or nighttime workout session.  I saw enough energy and focus to keep my stamina up, the pump was very impressive and I was able to fall asleep no problem approx. 2.5hrs later.  It comes in four standard flavors, blue raspberry, fruit punch, green apple and orange. Using 2 scoops you are get approximately 210 mg of anhydrous caffeine to wake you up quick and about 50 mg of green tea extract and green coffee bean to amp up your metabolism.  1 gram of L-Tyrosine and 2 grams of Taurine to help you stay focused and to aid in protein synthesis.  1.6 grams of CarnoSyn® beta alanine for greater physical working capacity, enhanced endurance and delayed fatigue.  Their pump blend will deliver 1 gram of AAKG and Agmatine Sulfate plus 1 gram of L-Citrulline to really get your blood flowing and help deliver the 5 grams of micronized BCAA’s straight to the muscles.  Pre-Train is one of the many outstanding products the Costello Bros. have added to the Rule One Proteins line-up and if you haven’t done your research yet it’s about time you do!

Chasing the Intense Energy & Extreme Pump – The Cellucor C4 50X Run Down

Since the launch of Cellucor G4 (Fourth Generation of Products), we can see they’ve taken the C4 Extreme and broke it down into separate series of C4’s. Not rolling out the C4 Extreme in the G4 series, but in addition to that, Cellucor has pumped out C4 Mass, C4 Ripped, and the latest arrival to SC, C4 50X.

So what makes the new 50X different from the others? Well the C4 Mass is as simple as it is named. They’ve added carbohydrates and additional creatine to the Mass blend; again simple. Reviews on this product are coming in slowly as the new G4 series has been picking up. The Mass has performing well with majority of our customers. We can’t say the same for the C4 Ripped as of yet with little to no feedback. – Stay tuned for those though!

The C4 Ripped has mass similarities to the Super HD Powder, yet still holding the C4 label. Could be that the Super HD Powder is being phased out? We will leave you to decide that.

On to the answer for the question above, what makes the C4 50x different from the rest? After quickly reviewing the nutritional panel and not going to much in depth, it appears quite simple. They’ve integrated TeaCor™, XCELICOR™ and the traditional Caffeine Anhydrous (I know same-old yada yada.) The most intriguing thing about this blend are the two “fancy” caffeine’s. Not by name but how the absorption rate by the body, each source provides. As old school caffeine anhydrous hits the system quickly and yet not as efficiently, meaning the body doesn’t process and absorb anhydrous to the fullest. On to the TeaCor™ and the XCELICOR caffeine’s.

Both TeaCor™ and XCELICOR™ are a more efficient, moderate to fast absorbing caffeine’s with lasting effects. What do I mean by “lasting effects”? It’s been tested that XCELICOR has lasting effects up to 6 hours after consumption. Say WHAT! Yes, the effect of XCELICOR compared to regular caffeine is that it’s been shown to improve mental clarity, greater concentration, improved energy & alertness, and most important, NO adverse effects.

The release of TheaTrim™ by Purus Labs, utilized the TeaCor™ compound well before C4 50X came out. The TeaCor™ seems to affect the brain, closer to the effects of caffeine in which stimulates the central nervous system and decreases the central nervous system at lower doses. The biggest difference between TeaCor™ and Caffeine is that TeaCor™ has been shown NOT to effect blood pressure, and also has been suggested that it has much less effects on the liver as it does not cause liver damage usually causes by stress when utilizing caffeine.

Okay, enough of the energy and focus talk. On to the pump compounds in the C4 50X. Again, briefly running through the panel we can see it contains the essentials, beta alanine, arginine AKG, and the most favorable Creatine Nitrate (N3-T™).

With the basics covered and the additional energy sources, the new Cellucor G4 C4 50X would definitely be an interesting product to try, and is now available!

Introducing Muscletech Anarchy Pre Workout

The idea behind Muscletech’s Anarchy 30 serving is that it’s going to be a high-energy pre workout supplement, with only ingredients that are going to enhance this workout.

There are no unnecessary ingredients, yet there are a few that have never been combined before, and one that’s not in many pre workouts that is going to be a potential difference-maker for some. We are looking at a price point to be around the mid $20 mark.

Nutrex Research adds three new products to their line.

Look out, here comes 3 new power packed products from Nutrex Research. Weeks before one of the major events of the year comes not only 3 new products, but 3 new looks to the Nutrex family.

Nutrex Adipodex – An additional weight loss product. This is a one pill per day “super” thermogenic. Adipodex promotes clean long lasting energy, appetite supression and intense focus. Good for an all day effect.

Nutrex Research New Adipodex 45 capsules at Supplement Central

Nutrex Hibern8 – This is a new addition to Nutrex. We haven’t seen many sleep aids come from them. The ingredient profile on this product is simple an contains some key ingredients to deep and restful sleep. (GABA at 1g, L-Tryptophan at 500mg and Melatonin at 5mg, Zinc at 10mg and Magnesium at 195mg)

Nutrex Research Hibern8, 90 capsules

Nutrex OutLift – Another different type of product added to the Nutrex line. We’ve all grown to enjoy the Hemorage as a high energy and focus product. With OutLift, you get the energy with the 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per one scoop and endurance with the 3g of l-luecine, 1.5g of l-isolucine and 1.5g of l-valine. They also added Citruline Malate 2:1 at 8g and Carnosyn Beta-Alanine at 3.2g for the ultimate skin ripping pump. Nice thing is about OutLift, there are no proprietary blends. Comes in Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry. What you see is what you get from OutLift Pre-Workout Powerhouse!

Nutrex Research OutLift Pre-workout 20 servings at Supplement Central

We can expect to see these products hitting our store late August into the beginning parts of September.


DMAA Out – Dendrobium In: What is Dendrobium?

With all of the big controversy over DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine or geranium oil) everyone is wonder what is the next big thing? In many cases, most would agree that DMAA hit home on most products shortly after the Ephedrine band was set in place when it had been placed in the most well known pre-workout formula on the market, USPlabs Jack3d.

Driven Sports had made a name for itself as the infamious Jack3d became a target of the FDA. So what was so great about Driven Sports “CRAZE” that wasn’t DMAA? The answer is simple, Dendrobium.

What is Dendrobium?

Dendrobium (Pronounced: den-DROH-bee-um) is a member of the orchid plant family and is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it has the name Shihu. The plant is native to southern Asia, and Dendrobium nobile is by far the most widely used species because of its well-known medicinal properties. Dendrobium has been used in China for over 1000 years as a tonic and strengthening medicine. It contains a variety of chemical alkaloids that are thought to be responsible for its beneficial effects.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dendrobium is used to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys and lungs. In addition to its use as a medicine, it is also used as a powerful strengthening tonic!