PepTEST™ Bulk by MAN Sports is Just About Here

Releasing another round of products to their arsenal, MAN Sports® confirmed that the New PepTEST™ Bulk has been released to distribution and will be available this week! The hype has been built and with very good reasons.

PepTEST™ Bulk contains 450mg of caffeine with additional pump (Agmatine Sulfate), testosterone (D Aspartic Acid), and endurance ingredients. It also comes in the amazing new flavor Sour Batch Kids™ that has been the lead flavor in their new candy flavor series. Maybe the additional flavors will follow suit with the ISO-AMINO™ flavors, Skiddles.

MAN Sports PepTEST Bulk

Back-to-Back, MAN Sports building yet another potent product

Yet another unique product in production from MAN Sports, PEPTEST™ BULK 35 servings. It appears the SOUR BATCH flavor by MAN Sports has really taken off since the release of the ISO-AMINO’s. It has been said this flavoring is the BEST to date from consumers. Back to PEPTEST™ BULK…

A few days ago MAN Sports has put out a teaser ad showing a few main bulletins to this product and what it is geared towards. It is labeled to be a “compounded testosterone pre-workout”. From the label, it states that will have explosive energy, skin bursting pumps (bandaids not included, an increase in strength and endurance. It has been said that this formula will use 450mg of 2 forms of caffeine! Things could get interesting with this compounded formula.

The preworkout category has really increased in size and use, with other companies like Lecheek Nutrition putting out Speed X3 TEST. We will have to put PEPTEST™ BULK to the test! This product has been said it is in the final stages of being release. We will be receiving a bottle of it to try out and will post our review on it!