PepTEST™ Bulk by MAN Sports is Just About Here

Releasing another round of products to their arsenal, MAN Sports® confirmed that the New PepTEST™ Bulk has been released to distribution and will be available this week! The hype has been built and with very good reasons.

PepTEST™ Bulk contains 450mg of caffeine with additional pump (Agmatine Sulfate), testosterone (D Aspartic Acid), and endurance ingredients. It also comes in the amazing new flavor Sour Batch Kids™ that has been the lead flavor in their new candy flavor series. Maybe the additional flavors will follow suit with the ISO-AMINO™ flavors, Skiddles.

MAN Sports PepTEST Bulk

MAN Sports releases NOO Pump 32 serving images.

The release of Gameday and the signing over of the Pure PF3 product to the big time pharmaceutical company. Our friends over at MAN Sports are set to push out 3 new products to end the year, just in time for this years 50th Olympia Competition and Expo in Las Vegas. Although there is not much you can see from the images, we are anxiously anticipating the release of the nutritional panel of the new NOO Pump 32 servings as well as the remaining 2 products.