Hybrid Performance™ creating new pump/ focus category with NEUROPUMP™


Feel-Good Nootropic Cell Volumization

Countless sets of curls and you wonder what you’ve been chasing. You miss that skin-stretching, vein-bursting muscle fullness; you miss missing the last rep, the rep where you feel like you’re going to explode.

With NEUROPUMP, you get that all back… and then some.

On-point focus and a heightened mood combined with a muscle blasting pump… A feel-good nootropic cell volumizer has finally arrived. You wonder what you’ve been chasing? Well, the chase ends here.

– Elevates clarity, mood & focus (Hordenine HCl, R-beta PEA, Pikatropin, Huperzine-A)
– Awards extraordinary pumps & expands blood vessels (GMS, Agmatine)
– Increases performance (Betaine anhydrous)
– Contains NO stimulants (Combine with HYBRID PREAMP for optimal results with optimal energy)

” #iamNEUROPUMP – We don’t compete in product categories… We create new ones.”