Gym Etiquette 101

So you just guzzled down your best pre workout and are ready to tear into a intense workout. Setting your eyes on a bench, you set up shop and are ready to go. Just then you realize dumbbells are missing or mix matched and the bench is covered in sweat. Awesome.

This might sound like a rant about gym etiquette and cleanliness at your fitness facility but out of everyone we talk to about it, 90% couldn’t agree more. Disgusting and irritating. Here  are the top five (5) gym pet peeves.

  1. Problem: Sweat
    Solution: Grab a spray bottle, towel and clean it up. No one wants to touch it.
  2. Problem: Putting weights back. 
    Solution: You picked it up to use it, put it back where it belongs even it was in the wrong spot to begin with. Lazy people don’t assist other lazy people.
  3. Problem: Theft of machine, bench, rack or weights.
    Solution: If it is obvious someone is using any of the above, they walk to the water fountain, that is not an open opportunity to snag them up. Ask if done or ask to join. Be friendly.
  4. Problem: Staring creepy at women working out.
    Solution: Stop being creepy, pull in your tongue and continue your workout. Simple?
  5. Problem: Making fun of “fat” or over weight people.
    Solution: Shut it. Focus on yourself and no one else.

I would assume to most this does not seem difficult but to those it applies to, become educated and use correct etiquette. Please feel free to comment below if you would like to add to this on going list.