Build a Solid Foundation in Movement Patterns with Positions First

Building a Solid Foundation with Patterns and Positions - Pistol Position

Everyone has heard the cliche, “ya have to learn to walk before ya learn to run.” Admittedly, as quickly as it was in one ear it was probably even quicker out the other.  Let’s be honest, in the  world of training and weights everybody wants to go heaviest, fastest and biggest NOW!  In a world of instant gratification the fundamentals in position that allow for big lifts , fast sprints and massive jumps are often overlooked. Highly transferable skills that teach total body awareness, tension and positioning are necessary in laying the foundation for further progression.

Building a Solid Foundation with Patterns and Positions - Plank Position

Skills such as planking and variations there of teach the foundations of bracing and maintaining a neutral, organized spine position regardless of orientation.  Although planks aren’t as sexy as a PR snatch and you may not be running to Instagram to show the world how clever your mastery over hashtags are they are a necessary first step that builds into more complex movements. Beyond planking, skills such as hollow body rocks and superman rocks teach global flexion and global extension around the spine respectively.

These spine positions coupled with low squat and pistol position (single leg low squat) as well as push ups and pull-ups start to challenge your bodies ability to stay organized while engaging the hips and shoulders.  Essentially, every movement skill you could possibly learn is just a new way to challenge your current ability to maintain organization.

Building a Solid Foundation with Patterns and Positions - Squat Hold

Acquiring new movement skills become easier when you have a very solid foundation in the basics because the important inter and intra muscular connections have already been laid albeit slightly altered.  Movement guru and gymnastics expert Carl Paoli of San Francisco CrossFit has said in reference to these highly transferable movement skills “learn to read so you can read to learn.” Simple, elegant and TRUE!  Don’t skip steps and keep checking back for the Fast and Jacked Project at to keep progressing your own movement skills.  Until then, stay motivated and stay juiced!

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– Mike Whiteman
Host of the Fast and Jacked Podcast Instagram @get_juiced77 Twitter @get_JUICED77