Pack your shakes, meals and more! New Stack Pack™ Core 150™

After bringing on the cool, new core-shakers from Core 150™, we were told that these guys are having travel bags being created for a release in June 2014.

Athletes and fitness fans around the world travel more often than not, what could be better than a more convenient way to carry all of your meal prepped food in an easy to carry bag? With the release of Six Pack bags, a lot of new concepts have came out and the competition for the better bag has never been as high as it is right now.

The Core 150™ Stack Pack™ was designed for maximum everyday functionality. Food, dietary supplemnets, laptop transport system for the contemporary athlete. Each Meal Pod™ USP hold 1.2 litre, has a removable core for dietary meal separation, a registered design protection and is an air TIGHT bento style lunch box.

Check out a snap shot of the New Stack Pack™ bag coming from Core 150™. #LIVESTACKED