Cellucor releases images of their new labels and product updates

The new look and additional products have been revealed by Cellucor and a break down of the NEW C4 series of products along with the alterations of their P6, CLK, NO3 Chrome and Super HD.

Cellucor G4 Fourth Generation Series

The C4 Series of 6 products includes C4, C4 Ready To Drink (RTD), C4, 50X, C4 MASS and C4 Ripped! Ingredient panels will be released shortly and we will have those posted as soon as possible.

The newly formulated Alpha Amino 30 serving has upgraded its new hydration system by using Hydromax™. Extreme muscle growth, P6 Testosterone Booster 120 capsules has upgraded its system to use ADAPTEST™ Ashwagandha. Add more pump to your workout with the new NO3 Chrome 180 capsules now with Nitrosigine™. Burn fat quicker with the new Super HD & CLK, CLK’s improved ingredients using SLIMPRO™ technology.

The next level of innovation has arrived. Cellucor the Fourth Generation has arrived!

GIANT Sports Nutrition MUSCLE MAKER launch within the US.

While Australia was one of the first to show up with Giant Sport’s redefining Delicious Casein, with the supplement expected to be coming stateside early next year. Supplement Central has bitten back, being the first to bring availability of the brand’s new mass gainer Muscle Maker to the US. As Giant promised it is available in just the one size here in America, the 8 serving 6lb. The online store who are almost always out first have valued the product at a rather cost effective $32.95, with two traditional flavors to choose from, chocolate and vanilla shake. Like most new release supplements, the latest from Giant is now likely to start making it’s way in to other stockists either today or later in the week, so keep an eye out if it has yet to hit your favorite retailer. From here we look forward to the 12lb Muscle Maker launch down under, as well as those two mystery products the brand have coming. One of which as previously mentioned, is going to see Giant enter a category they’re not currently in.

Giant Sports Nutrition Muscle Maker 6 pounds

Source: www.stack3d.com