MAN Sports to put out a powerful new thermogenic. LEAN Ph.D

With only teaser images and a few chats with the guys over at MAN Sports, the release of LEAN Ph.D™ 90 capsules will be epic and create a big splash in the thermogenic game early this year.

From the looks of the label, we can see that the claim is to have all day energy (hopefully no crash), superior focus & clarity, appetite & craving suppressant, and an effortless weight loss response. It appears they use an ingredient by the brand BioBumin® and each bottle contains 90 capsules. We will just have to wait a tad bit longer to check out the full ingredient panel as this product is still being produced.

Introducing Muscletech Anarchy Pre Workout

The idea behind Muscletech’s Anarchy 30 serving is that it’s going to be a high-energy pre workout supplement, with only ingredients that are going to enhance this workout.

There are no unnecessary ingredients, yet there are a few that have never been combined before, and one that’s not in many pre workouts that is going to be a potential difference-maker for some. We are looking at a price point to be around the mid $20 mark.

Purus Labs Secret Thermogenic Ingredient Revealed

We heard that the guys over at Purus Labs were cooking up something new and exciting, we didn’t know it was going to be an ingredient that may take the weight loss industry into a whole new direction since the extinction of Oxy Elite Pro.

On August 19, 2014, Purus Labs secured a deal to introduce patent-pending TEACRINE™ to the world with their latest thermogenic Purus Labs THEATRIM™! The Teacrine™ ingredient will be able to provide energy beyond caffeine and having clean energy that moves you and doesn’t relent. As reports show, Teacrine™ cased significant improvements in energy and reductions in fatigue with some change with improvement in concentration.

As much anticipation is expected for the next best thermogenic, we hope to see this product in our hands within the next few weeks. The presents will be known so be sure to check back this September for more details!



Hybrid Performance™ creating new pump/ focus category with NEUROPUMP™


Feel-Good Nootropic Cell Volumization

Countless sets of curls and you wonder what you’ve been chasing. You miss that skin-stretching, vein-bursting muscle fullness; you miss missing the last rep, the rep where you feel like you’re going to explode.

With NEUROPUMP, you get that all back… and then some.

On-point focus and a heightened mood combined with a muscle blasting pump… A feel-good nootropic cell volumizer has finally arrived. You wonder what you’ve been chasing? Well, the chase ends here.

– Elevates clarity, mood & focus (Hordenine HCl, R-beta PEA, Pikatropin, Huperzine-A)
– Awards extraordinary pumps & expands blood vessels (GMS, Agmatine)
– Increases performance (Betaine anhydrous)
– Contains NO stimulants (Combine with HYBRID PREAMP for optimal results with optimal energy)

” #iamNEUROPUMP – We don’t compete in product categories… We create new ones.”

Premium Nutraceuticals (PNI) Prodigy 30 Servings | Review

Premium Nutraceuticals or better know as PNI stepped up to the plate with their all new pre workout, Prodigy. After speaking with Chad and Eric Broser about this amazing new product, we had to try it out ourselves. Stating “we”, a handful of employees and a few selected routine customers we had try out this product for feedback. What we got was something we did not expect…

Here is just some of our responses to the product Prodigy:

Major M. – ” I thought it was a joke when I read the label, could they honestly have all this stuff in 1 scoop? Huh, now I used a very large variety of pre-workouts, hands down this one is my new #1! The energy is insane and the pumps are massive…nicccee.”

Rich J. – “..the taste was good, figured that’s all it had that was good was taste. Until it kicked in and I hit the gym. I feel bad for how bad I beat those weights up. I felt as if I was on a treadmill at max speed with a pump so full, I felt as if my skin was going to tear. “

Mike M. – “Like a caged animal. Set after set I would pace the gym with more energy then I knew what to do with. The flavor Watermelon was one of the best tasting pre workout powders I tasted in a while. I used a ton of different pre workouts before, I would say this quickly made it to the top on my list of needs for the gym. Oh and not to mention, I felt like the size of King Kong after my workout… ridiculously swole.”

For most, trial and error are how people get a feel on how products work with their bodies. Some are great experiences and some not so well. With this run with Prodigy, we have yet to hear much of any negative feedback. The only stand out constant feedback we got was a just minor crash(exhaustion) post exercise. (Although rest does great for the body, maybe not a bad thing to take a cat nap post workout?)

In conclusion with the feedback we had received, PNI has came through with a bang and their pre workout product as well as their entire line of supplements are on the way to the top hand full of people at a time.

To check out the entire line of products and read more about Prodigy you can do so by clicking HERE.