Thermo Bombs may increase catecholamine…

Nutraclipse Thermo Bombs may increase catecholamine levels.

Thermo Bombs Fat BurnerCatecholamines, derived from the Amino Acid Tyrosine, travel through the blood and bind to receptors on fat cells. A receptor can be thought of as a “lock.” Hormones and neurotransmitters are keys that fit into that lock and make something happen. In this case catecholamines trigger fat mobilization by activating hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), which then shuttles the fat out of the cell to be burned off.

1) One of the key ingredients Yohimbine HCL 6mg per capsule increases abdominal subcutaneous blood flow, which means that catecholamines will have an easier time reaching those hard-to-get areas.

2) To target stubborn body fat we need to activate b2-receptors while deactivating a2-receptors. Thermo Bombs achieves this by the following mechanisms above.

3) Thermo Bombs has 2 of the most powerful Thyroid stimulating compounds around. Which also up regulates B2-receptors and basal metabolic rate.

4) Amp citrate is a chemical cousin to DMAA which up regulates adrenonline hormones and reduces appetite while increasing mental acuity and focus.

On the rise, Purus Labs Theatrim is the solution…or is it?



The weight loss/thermogenic category has been stagnant and lacking ingenuity for quite some time. With an overwhelming percentage of our population being overweight, and an even larger percentage whom would still like to shed a few pounds, the case should be quite the contrary. Compound this with the fact that it boasts one of the industry’s largest market categories by consumer demand, and you can see the clear need for attention and innovation.

TheaTrim is our answer.

We are proud and excited to be the world’s first company to introduce Teacrine, a nature-identical compound proven to enhance psychometric indices of energy and endurance. We’ve combined it with a research-drenched supporting cast of other materials designed to increase energy, overall sense of well being, thermogenesis, and stored fat utilization through strategic neurochemical pathway manipulation. Best of all, Teacrine doesn’t seem to cause habituation, therefore consumers are less likely to develop a tolerance with TheaTrim as with other energy and weight loss products.



TeaCrine (theacrine) is a nature identical compound found in certain botanical sources that has been shown to positively act on both dopaminergic and adenosinergic nuerochmical pathways (i.e. mood and stimulation). By strategically and favorably manipulating these complex pathways, enhanced energy, improved concentration, and reductions in fatigue are experienced. Although structurally similar to caffeine, preliminary evidence suggests lesser signs of tolerance, therefore your body won’t become desensitized over time requiring increased dosages. Essentially, Teacrine provides all the weight loss benefits of caffeine, plus some, but with less central nervous system stimulation and less build up of tolerance.

Dicaffeine malate & Caffeine anhydrous are also included for their famed effects on alertness, energy, and appetite suppression. Dicaffeine malate crosses the blood-brain barrier more rapidly than the benchmark, caffeine anhydrous, so we’ve included both to achieve somewhat of a tiered stimulatory effect.

Methylcobalamin & SAMe (S-Adenosyl methionine)

Included for methyl group metabolism and tri-monoamine modulation. In short, they support an overall better sense of well being through neurochemical involvement with norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

Citrus Bioflavanoid complex (std. for hesperidin)

Specifically included for CYP 450 inhibition, an endogenous protein designed to oxidize (break down) certain substances such as caffeine. By blunting this, we can increase the active life of these molecules. This gives our caffeine blend more bang for the buck.

White Willow Bark extract (std. for salicin)

Salicin acts like nature’s aspirin, thinning the blood allowing for more rapid circulation and delivery of paired compounds. Aspirin and caffeine have long been used in conjunction due to their synergistic nature, both for pain and weight management. We have included it as somewhat of a formula accelerant, as it makes sure no time is wasted delivering these caffeine alkaloids to their receptors where they can begin doing work.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria (root bark extract)

Added precisely for alpha adrenergic receptor antagonism. Alpha receptors inhibit fat loss. Beta receptors stimulate fat loss. Most stubborn, high density fat areas, such as the lower back on males and the hips/thighs of women, contain a higher ratio of alpha to beta receptors. If we can antagonize (blunt) the alpha receptors while simultaneously stimulating the beta receptors, we create an ideal scenario for fat mobilization and weight loss.

USAGE: To assess your tolerance, begin with 1 serving taken with food. If tolerance permits, you may consume up to 4 servings throughout the day. Do not exceed 2 servings at any one time, and do not consume within 4-6 hours of bedtime.

SUMMARY: Through its flagship ingredient, Teacrine, Purus Labs’ TheaTrim is an ingenuitive and novel approach to weight loss and energy stimulation. Through identifying, focusing on, and addressing specific neurochemical and metabolic pathways, TheaTrim is a synergistic force specifically aimed at the issues surrounding fat loss and energy production. Uniquely, due to its specific formulation, consumers are less likely to develop a tolerance as well. This means consistent delivery of results without the need for increasing the dosage.

MAN Sports to put out a powerful new thermogenic. LEAN Ph.D

With only teaser images and a few chats with the guys over at MAN Sports, the release of LEAN Ph.D™ 90 capsules will be epic and create a big splash in the thermogenic game early this year.

From the looks of the label, we can see that the claim is to have all day energy (hopefully no crash), superior focus & clarity, appetite & craving suppressant, and an effortless weight loss response. It appears they use an ingredient by the brand BioBumin® and each bottle contains 90 capsules. We will just have to wait a tad bit longer to check out the full ingredient panel as this product is still being produced.

Purus Labs Releases Images of the New TheaTrim™ Bottle

Just in, the new Purus Labs TheaTrim™ 60 capsules bottle. Looks like Purus Labs keeps building to their arson with some of the most effective and powerful products on the market. The product labels look as amazing as the ingredients they put into it. Based from the lab reports on the new Teacrine™, it looks as if this ingredient may just surpass 1,3 dimethylamylamine which was made famous by Oxy Elite Pro and Jack3d (original formulas). Samples will be available in mid October with the release of the new Purus Labs TheaTrim™ product. Check back with us for updates, pricing and availability!

Universal Nutrition Releases New Weight Loss Product RED HOT

Red Hot™ Quick Recap

It’s an easy to use, one capsule per serving fat burner. This will be our go to fat burner in the Universal line. Each Red Hot™ capsule is jam-packed with fat burning and metabolism boosting ingredients (Capsimax®, green tea extract, coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones coleus forskohlii) , mood and focus enhancing compounds (beta PEA, caffeine) in addition to a specialized absorption compound (Bioperine®) and an ingredient that may help to preserve and even build lean muscle mass while also burning body fat (ursolic acid). As you can see from the formula, no inferior or cheap ingredients were used in the formulation. And based on beta testing feedback, we’ve got a winner on our hands.

Red Hot Sizzles During Beta Testing

Our all new fat burner, Universal Red Hot™, was recently put to the test by our consumers. We’ve now tallied up the feedback and things look really good. Based on the initial feedback that came in, we quickly gave our production team the okay to push Red Hot through the production queue and a launch date for early March was set up. Packed with potent shredding compounds, Red Hot™ is sure to become Universal’s flagship fat burner. Here are some of the highlights of the product:

Ultra-concentrated, one pill serving size Crash-free energy & focus Advanced thermogenic Metabolic booster Designed to help boost weight loss Enhanced with CapsiMax and ursolic acid In addition, here is some of the awesome feedback that is coming in from our beta testers…

“Red Hot is probably one of the best fat burners that I have ever taken. I’ve never been so focused while taking a fat burner. I had a positive and easy going mood which helped with my work and I didn’t have the moody feeling with being on a low carb diet. I could tell an instant difference after the first day on it and it just got better the rest of the weeks from there on. Clothes are looser and I can tell that I lost as least an inch in the few weeks that I’ve been on Red Hot.” – Brad23

“All in all, a great supplement. I will definitely use this when it’s released. It gave great, clean energy without the jitters—long lasting without an up and down feel.” – shukin

“I lost 8 lb in 2 weeks with no visible muscle loss. I’m down ~2inches in my waist with visibly harder muscles. No strength loss either.” – Boomslang

“In my opinion, the mood enhancement was the best part. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not a morning person but while taking this my mood was instantly enhanced and it made even a Monday feel like a Friday. Another aspect that I never really considered before taking Red Hot was enhanced performance and boy was it great. My strength increased greatly while on Red Hot… I’m dieting for my first bodybuilding contest and was starting to lose strength but when I started taking this, my strength felt like it did before my calorie deficit. – Miknis3

In just about 2 weeks I went from 205 and 17% bodyfat to 207 and 14% bodyfat—2 lb heavier but 3% less fat! I feel this is a solid product that has the potential to really help people gain and maintain muscle tissue while shedding away bodyfat. – Dingo

Red Hot™ Key Ingredient Information

Capsimax® –is an innovative and award-winning ingredient. With Capsimax, you can enjoy the benefits of capsicum without the burn. There is a lot of research behind capsaicinoids that suggests them as effective weight-loss tools. Thanks to a patented technology, Capsimax gets around the mouth and stomach burn and takes the heat straight to your fat.

Bioperine® – is  special patented black pepper extract that help promote nutrient absorption. It’s been added to Red Hot to assist and support their absorption.

Ursolic acid – is a naturally occurring ingredient found in foods such as apple peels that has been show to counteract muscle breakdown during catabolic conditions like dieting. In fact, it’s been shown to boost lean muscle mass while dieting and also helps to reduce bodyfat.

Raspberry Ketones – is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. Raspberry ketones have been show to boost metabolic functioning and promote lipid utilization. Raspberry ketone helps the fat within your cells to get broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster.

Coleus Forskohlii – has the ability to stimulate adenylate cyclase activity and increase cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which regulates and activates enzymes required for cellular energy. Cyclic AMP promotes the breakdown of stored fats and it regulates the body’s thermogenic response to food, supports the body’s metabolic rate, and utilizes body fat more efficiently.