Sweet Habits

We are creatures of HABIT – Take advantage of your greatest gift!

Using Sweet Wheat as an energy boost can often leave you with excess energy to burn. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of your bodies ability to start a new venture and make it a habit. They say it takes about 28-30 days for something to become habit forming. Being disciplined with taking Sweet Wheat was a small hurdle, now use the extra energy to conquer another goal, exercising!

Try exercising at the same time every day and see how easy it becomes to stick to it!

A healthy body is the result of proper nutrition combined with regular physical exercise.Exercise improves the tone and quality of muscle tissue and stimulates the processes of digestion, absorption, metabolism and elimination. Exercise imparts vigor and sends oxygen to all organs. It secures and maintains healthful integrity of all their functions. Our bodies are designed to bend and stretch and move each joint on a daily

basis. The sedentary life of modern people is not conducive to the best of health. Walking is the preparation for more aerobic, strength building and flexibility workouts.Walking is the exercise we were meant to do before all others. You have to walk before you can run!The body uses approximately the same amount of calories walking a mile as running a mile. Running a mile burns more carbohydrates where walking the mile actually burns more fat. Exercise can keep your body limber, supple and youthful.

Focus your mind and find spiritual calm while doing your body some good.

Exercising develops brain pathways or synapses which are electrical connections in the brain that wire the brain together. Every new exercise you do develops millions of new synapses. These become stronger the more you exercise. Some believe that forming these synapses awakens abilities in all areas of your life. For instance kids who walk on pavement do not develop the same kind of complex nerve pathways as those who grow up navigating the uneven terrain in nature. Running backwards and sideways in nature develop precision and technical skills that can be used in other life areas.

No matter what your goal is; whether you want to gain flexibility, strength, burn toxins, burn fat, have adventures, exercise should be integrated into your daily routine. We should not forget we are mobile creatures and are meant to be in motion. A sedentary body produces illness by the mere fact of fluids becoming immobile. Long walks can develop poise, grace and symmetry of the body, help to correct injuries and stimulate the mind. Improved transfer of oxygen to cells and increased circulation of the blood and lymph systems are the reward. You do not have to use weights or heavy workout equipment to attain a fit body. Isometric exercises done slowly with intention can be integrated into anyone’s routine and show quick results.

To condition all parts of the body, practice cross training. A different work out different days of the week can be helpful in keeping things fresh and interesting. Listen to different kinds of music each day. By doing repetition exercises like sit-ups or pushups, squats, you will build muscle and tone. Aerobic exercises, speed walking, walking uphill, running, swimming, exercise your heart muscle, gets the circulation and lymphatic system moving, expels toxins, tones muscles and trims fat. When you do adventure workouts, you are taking workouts to a whole new level. You are getting to know your limits and abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Obviously adequate training is necessary to do these sports.

Taking a nutrient dense food like Sweet Wheat before and after your exercise routine can help with stamina and duration as well as recovery. Whether its long walks on the beach or your favorite park, it is the beginning of a great cycle of health. Have fun with your new exercising routine!

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