Purus Labs with a new BCAAXR.

Purus Labs pumping out another cool looking product, BCAAXR. It looks like it will be a one of a kind, extended released BCAA capsule(s), packing 1g of rapidly releasing 2:1:1 BCAA. It is said the you will get the initial release of BCAA and then 60 minutes later you will get yet ANOTHER release of BCAA. Purus Labs BCAAXR will deliver a total of 100g of BCAAs per a 150 capsule bottle. From other sources it appears the price, on the higher end, will be in the ball park of low $30 mark but with Supplement Central’s amazing and competitive pricing, look for BCAAXR to be a great bang for your buck. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for product details and release dates.

Purus Labs BCAAXR 150 capsule coming soon to Supplement Central!