The Effects of Coca-Cola After Consumption

The life of sugary drinks has met their days until extinction, or will they prevail? There are more studies, articles, videos, ect, that explain the health concerns related to sodas (pop) such as Coca-Cola.

The issue isn’t getting people to switch over to other beverages but more of an issue well educating people on how “soda” actually works with the body after consumption. I came across an extremely interesting info graph that explains the bodies reaction one (1) hour after the consumption of Coca-Cola (original). It is compelling how closely the soda causes the body to react as if it had been taking in a narcotic (such as heroin). How do you feel after consuming it?

In addition to this info graph, Netflix had released an in-depth documentary about sugar, childhood obesity and the fad of the “diet x product” era. The movie is called Fed-Up and is well worth the hour to watch it. No need to explain, just watch.

Now now, I am not saying we all should just up and stop consuming soda or sugar filled products. The point is that in moderation, in most cases, is the safest way to do just about anything, even consuming sugar. Sure they tell you the “daily intake” of sugar to be 10 grams but the point is when you start depriving yourself of foods or beverages you enjoy tends to lead to a binge. To binge or consuming an overwhelming amount can cause far more damage to your body than an occasional treat.