BPI Sports Bring in Third Party Verification of their Whey-HD

Many of you may not have the chance to actually see what goes into creating that tasty protein powder you use throughout the day. Early part of this year, many companies have been tagged to have spiked their protein powders with “filler” amino acids, leaving the label to read out a higher number grams of protein than what is truly in the tub.

To separate themselves from the others, BPI Sports has became one of the first companies to bring in a 3rd party verification company to assist them with testing and tagging their Whey-HD as accurate as the label.

Bringing third party verification to sports nutrition! – No Amino Spiking Here!

BPI Sports is changing the sports nutrition game when it comes to delivering quality products. Going forward, the ChromaDex® Quality Verification Seal will be added to the entire line of BPI protein powders, indicating that each product has been 3rd Party Tested and verified for quality and consistency.

ChromaDex® is a leading independent 3rd party laboratory and one of the most respected names in Sports Nutrition. Now a publicly traded company, ChromaDex® was established in 1999, in response to the growing demand for natural product reference standards, services, and quality assurance methods.

The ChromaDex® Quality Verified seal on BPI’s products absolutely ensures that what is in the bottle matches exactly what is on the label.

What does ChromaDex® test?

The Chromadex® seal serves as objective proof that:

ChromaDex® has audited our facilities and verified that we are compliant with cGMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, which are regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  cGMP’s provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.

With an array of the latest technologies and techniques, testing is performed on individual ingredients before blending.  This ensures no protein “spiking” and that BPI’s products meet specifications for

Ingredient Identity.

Final products are tested for microbials, heavy metals, and other contaminants that would alter the quality, taste, or uniformity in texture.

Most importantly, this is all monitored ongoing as part of a strict protocol designed and managed by ChromaDex®.  In other words, anyone can randomly test their products to say they meet specification, but it only means something if it is 3rd Party and an ongoing protocol.

We bring you a video from BPI Sports that shows you the exact process in which their Whey-HD is created. Check it out!