PepTEST™ Bulk by MAN Sports is Just About Here

Releasing another round of products to their arsenal, MAN Sports® confirmed that the New PepTEST™ Bulk has been released to distribution and will be available this week! The hype has been built and with very good reasons.

PepTEST™ Bulk contains 450mg of caffeine with additional pump (Agmatine Sulfate), testosterone (D Aspartic Acid), and endurance ingredients. It also comes in the amazing new flavor Sour Batch Kids™ that has been the lead flavor in their new candy flavor series. Maybe the additional flavors will follow suit with the ISO-AMINO™ flavors, Skiddles.

MAN Sports PepTEST Bulk

Purus Labs Secret Thermogenic Ingredient Revealed

We heard that the guys over at Purus Labs were cooking up something new and exciting, we didn’t know it was going to be an ingredient that may take the weight loss industry into a whole new direction since the extinction of Oxy Elite Pro.

On August 19, 2014, Purus Labs secured a deal to introduce patent-pending TEACRINE™ to the world with their latest thermogenic Purus Labs THEATRIM™! The Teacrine™ ingredient will be able to provide energy beyond caffeine and having clean energy that moves you and doesn’t relent. As reports show, Teacrine™ cased significant improvements in energy and reductions in fatigue with some change with improvement in concentration.

As much anticipation is expected for the next best thermogenic, we hope to see this product in our hands within the next few weeks. The presents will be known so be sure to check back this September for more details!



GUYS GYM BAG ESSENTIALS: 6 items you need in your gym bag

GUYS GYM BAG ESSENTIALS - Supplement CentralEvery guy needs his specific pair of shoes or that certain shirt and shorts to wear while in the gym. Although many of guys know exactly what they need, we had put together the top 6 most essential items for every guys gym bag.

    Pick a nice and comfortable shirt or tank-top to pack. Comfort and mobility of the cloths you wear at the gym are a must. Choosing the wrong cloths could lead to irritation of the skin or just a comforting feeling while working out. Who wants to be uncomfortable?Shop: Supplement Central Fitness Clothing
    Need to keep the wheels (feet) comfy during exercise. Pick a pair of shoes that allows the feet to breathe. By allowing the feet to breathe with a good quality shoe will help avoid any foot related diseases and infections. This may also help reduce the risk of injury during exercise as well.
    Now we say this is an essential and some guys may difer. By keeping a log of your workout will assist you with knowing how far you are from reaching your goals. Whether it be time during cardio or repping out heavier weights, its always in good practice to know where you stand when it comes to achieving your goals. Reach a new milestone? Mark it down.
    The shaker bottle is almost a must when it comes to gym bag essentials. The versatility of a shaker bottle is what makes this a must. You can fill it with your favorite pre-workout formula before exercise, add a BCAA of your choice or just simply add water to sip on during your workout and most of all, its perfect for that post workout protein shake!Shop: Supplement Central Shakers & Water Bottles
    If you attend a gym that plays good tunes during your workout, this is not needed but the truth is, 2 out of 3 people who we’ve talked to, say the gyms selection of music during their workout is horrible. Makes this a must in your gym bag essentials. Avoid using cell phones for music players. Why do we suggest this? Keeps away unnecessary distractions during your workout. Keeping focus is key. Choose a playlist that best fits your personality and go with it.
    Finally, last but not least. This applies to those who typically workout in the mornings before work or during lunch hour. Be sure to pack the right products to shower after your workout. No one wants a smelly co-worker, right?

Beet it Arginine! Beetroot for blood flow.

Beets, also called beetroot, have been consumed since the days of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. It has always been believed to be a nutritious vegetable and recent scientific studies have confirmed this. Beetroot contains numerous vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall good health. Beets have been established to possess powerful nitric oxide and exercise boosting potential. A beetroot based supplement offers a wide range of medical benefits, one in which is most important in any exercising routine is blood flow.

Where does Beetroot come from?

Beetroot is a root vegetable that grows primarily below the earth’s surface. Above the surface Beetroot has a leafy top. It takes about 60+ days for a beetroot seed to harvest.

Now to the blood flow!

How does this “beetroot” work for blood flow?

Beetroot has multiple health benefits, one in which is indeed blood flow, not only to the muscles but also to the brain. Beetroot is an all-natural source of nutrition that contains the highest concentration of nitrates.

The dietary nitrate in beetroot is linked to lower blood pressure and a reduced incidence of heart disease. Beetroot nitrates can eventually be converted into nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is one of the best friends of bodybuilders and athletes because it may increase “pump” and endurance. The recommended timing for taking beetroot is 30 to 45 minutes before exercise.

The dietary supplement company Purus Labs has done an amazing job at using nitrates to help with blood flow and performance. Their flag ship product NOXYGEN™ is an example of a pre-workout product that uses the beetroot based nitrates.

As always, make sure you consult with your primary physician before consuming beetroot products or any additional dietary supplements to make sure they’re the right product(s) for you.

Has Beetroot worked for you? Let us know! Tweet to us using the hash tag #BeetrootHadMe and be sure to follow our good friends over at Purus Labs.