Cellucor releases images of their new labels and product updates

The new look and additional products have been revealed by Cellucor and a break down of the NEW C4 series of products along with the alterations of their P6, CLK, NO3 Chrome and Super HD.

Cellucor G4 Fourth Generation Series

The C4 Series of 6 products includes C4, C4 Ready To Drink (RTD), C4, 50X, C4 MASS and C4 Ripped! Ingredient panels will be released shortly and we will have those posted as soon as possible.

The newly formulated Alpha Amino 30 serving has upgraded its new hydration system by using Hydromax™. Extreme muscle growth, P6 Testosterone Booster 120 capsules has upgraded its system to use ADAPTEST™ Ashwagandha. Add more pump to your workout with the new NO3 Chrome 180 capsules now with Nitrosigine™. Burn fat quicker with the new Super HD & CLK, CLK’s improved ingredients using SLIMPRO™ technology.

The next level of innovation has arrived. Cellucor the Fourth Generation has arrived!

Vortex Portable Mixer | Mix Don’t Shake

This months promotion for Cellucor C4, 60 serving includes a nice Vortex Portable Mixer. Now, these bottles retail on Amazon.com for $20-$30 plus shipping. What an amazing gift with purchase! Before we started sending these bottles out to our customers, we just HAD to test one out and check its durability and ability to blend different powders.

Our first run was with Cellucor C4 (one(1) serving) with 20 ounces of cold water. The mixer comes equipped with two (2) AAA batteries to be placed into the bottom part of the mixer. The Vortex is powered by a 11,000 rpm motor that tears through the thickest powder with ease.

Free with Purchase of Cellucor C4, 60 serving

The power of this cup was amazing. Blending with ease, creating a smooth blend when used with protein, pre workout and BCAA powders. With a thick acrylic and stainless steel built, all of the left over mixes cleaned out with no issues. The days of drinking clumpy powders and shaker cups up and down are OVER!

Since Supplement Central has taken on the Cellucor Nutrition line of supplements, the movement has not stopped. The continue growth of Cellucor with us has opened up opportunities that are unreachable by any other site on the net. With our unbeleivable C4 bundle and save deals along with our free products with purchase, make snagging up a Cellucor product that much easier!