How Do Vitamins Aid With Some Bone Fractures?

The process of a fracture healing can be long and frustrating. You pretty much just have to give it time and let it heal on its own. With that being said, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process. One of those ways is to take certain vitamins. Some vitamins can help speed up the healing time as well as help your bones grow stronger than what they are. In addition, a lot of these vitamins are also really beneficial to the other parts of your body. This is important because the rest of your body needs to be healthy and working efficiently in order to send the fractured bone the nutrients it needs in order to heal. This article is going to talk about some of the best vitamins that do this.

Calcium is one of the main things that promote healthy and strong bones. Taking this vitamin after a fracture can help make the weak and broken bone grow back stronger and healthier. With that being the case, there is less chance that you will have another fracture or break on the same bone. While it’s still possible, the bone will be much stronger if you take this vitamin.

Magnesium is another great vitamin that can aid in the healing of fractured bones. The biggest reason why you need magnesium is because it works closely to calcium in order to make your bones strong and healthy. You can either get 2 separate supplements or you can find some that have calcium and magnesium all in 1 pill.

Vitamin C
The next vitamin that can help speed up the healing process is vitamin C. Not only does it build up the density of the bone, but it also helps reduce inflammation. This is especially beneficial for after the fracture has healed because it will reduce the chance of having another fracture and help combat conditions that can be caused from having a fractured bone, such as complex regional pain syndrome.

Another vitamin that is great for helping the process go by quicker is protein. This is actually one of the biggest things you can use to help speed up the process. The reason for this is because bones are made up of 50% living proteins. When a bone is fractured, the body starts sending protein to help heal the fractured bone. By ingesting more protein, your body will send more to help aid in the healing of the bone. This will make the entire process quicker.

The next vitamin that is great for speeding up the healing process of a fractured bone is collagen. In short, collagen is the actual mechanical strength of the bone. Not only does it help to build the bone but it also helps repair the connective tissues and improve the blood vessels.

The final vitamin that aids in the healing process is turmeric. Not only does it help your body fight against inflammation, but it also helps improve heart, liver, and joint functions. Not only will this help the healing process progress quicker, it will help you have less pain and you can actually take turmeric instead of having to rely completely on pain killers.

These are all vitamins that should help your healing process go quicker than if you weren’t taking them. One of the great things about these vitamins is that you can take them in addition to foods that already contain them. This will help your body work more efficiently and be able to help your fractured bones heal correctly. Even though these are good for your body, you should speak to your doctor before starting any of them. Once you get the go ahead, you can look at these option and decide which ones are the best for you.

The True Benefits of Collagen

The human body is a complicated entity. But, there is one component of how people are put together that can be easily explained. All people are “glued” together in some manner, and that connectivity capacity comes from collagen. Collagen is a natural body protein that is generated naturally as we grow. Just like many other body chemicals, the natural body production levels are reduced as we age. This results in what we all perceive as signs of aging. However, this is a condition that can easily be improved with a regular schedule of collagen supplements. The affects of collagen on the body are significant, as it can impact a wide variety of body functions and tissue. The name actually means “glue” in Greek and has been well-understood for a long time. It just has not been marketed effectively, which is a trend that is surely changing. It is important for anyone considering collagen as a health supplement to understand that there are many types of collagen, so some research will be necessary to make the proper choice based on the desired result.

Reduces Wrinkles and Promotes Better Skin Health
The epidermis is one of the most important organs of the body and good overall health is exhibited there. Hydrolated collagen moisturizes the skin tissue and helps slow aging by providing the additional connectivity substance the body requires to maintain its zest.

Generates Joint Tissue 
Another excellent benefit of collagen is improved bone cartilage strength and capacity for mobility. Staying active is one of the most important abilities for individuals who are advancing in their years. The concept that you are only as old as you feel is a valid statement, and collagen can help keep that vitality in the joints and bones.

Lessens Bone Loss
Osteoporosis is common among those who are considering a collagen regimen as a health supplement. It strikes everyone to some degree as they age. Collagen helps keep bone structure solid and can help prevent breakage when taken regularly. Manageability is crucial to those who have osteoporosis problems and routine is important to staying active. Collagen can help those with osteoporosis build the strength necessary to lead an active lifestyle. In addition, collagen can also reduce pain for many who need physical therapy to stay mobile.

Weight Reduction
Collagen can help people lose weight in two fashions. One is the strength it provides to exercise on a regular basis. Osteoporosis has no known cure and sufferers must take it upon themselves to stay activity and take the measures to do so, such as adding collagen to their diet. Studies have shown a significant reduction in food intake when collagen is taken every morning with a good breakfast. This can help keep the client on a specific dietary schedule without excessive snacking in between meals. It also increases metabolism, so while the supplement is reducing the urge to eat it also increases the speed at which the body burns fat.

These are not all of the benefits the use of collagen can have on the body. The overall concept of the bodily glue does not stop with skin and bone health. It extends internally as well externally, as it can support good fingernail and hair health. And, one of the most important additional benefits of collagen is that it assists in cleansing the liver. This process alone is enough to make anyone in the post-convention stage of life consider adding collagen to their daily routine. Always remember that it is a good decision to choose a reputable health supplement providerwith a wide variety of collagen products to suit your particular need.