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Creatine Works!

And, as one of the most studied ingredients around, Creatine has been shown to improve body composition and strength time and time again. [1-4] But, before you jump on the Creatine Bandwagon, the question you must ask is…

Which Form Creatine is the Best?

This extremely important question is one of Absorbability and Creatine Per Gram.

There seems to be a different form of Creatine coming out every other week with the most recent Creatine craze being Creatine HCl.  Creatine HCl claims that its increased solubility leads to a greater rate of Creatine absorption.  But, Ol’ Faithful—Creatine Monohydrate—has already been shown to be nearly 100% absorbable! [5-8]

At this point you may be asking yourself how you benefit from Creatine HCl if Creatine Monohydrate is already, arguably, as absorbable as it gets?  The answer…


Now that we’ve debunked the Creatine HCl solubility/absorbability myth, we’re left with the question of Creatine Per Gram.

Creatine Monohydrate is made up of a Creatine Molecule bonded to a Monohydrate Salt.  The resulting Creatine Monohydrate bond is only made up of 88% Creatine. [8] Therefore, for each very absorbable 1 gram of Creatine monohydrate you take, you’re really only getting .88 grams of Creatine.  Who knew?

Creatine HCl is made up of a Creatine Molecule bonded to a Hydrochloride (HCl) Salt.  Believe it or not, 22% of the Creatine HCl bond isn’t even Creatine.  At this point, if you’ve been duped into taking Creatine HCl, you should be getting a little concerned.  The result is that Creatine HCl is only 78% Creatine!

Shocking, I know!

There are other popular forms of Creatine, but it just gets worse from here.  For example, I won’t waste your time telling you that Magnesium Creatine Chelate is only 45% Creatine!

Enter Creatine Anhydrous…

A definition of Anhydrous is containing no water, especially water from crystallization, such as a salt. Therefore, the CREATINE ANHYDROUS MOLECULE IS 99-100%* CREATINE! [8]

Creatine Anhydrous also boasts the same, if not slightly better, absorbability as Creatine Monohydrate, nearly 100%.

*Non-Instantized. BioCRE™ instantized creatine anhydrous contains ≥ 96% creatine per gram.


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