Labrada’s All New BCAA Power

Fermented BCAA Power

The all new Labrada BCAA POWER is a combination 7 grams of fermented BCAA’s (2:1:1), 3 grams of Fermented Glutamine and 1 gram of coconut water extract for added electrolytes. Check out the video to get the latest information on this great new product from Labrada!

7 grams natural BCAA’s – no byproducts or contaminants.

3 grams of Glutamine – for increased recovery and immune support


1 gram of Coconut Water Extract
Electrolytes include:
20mg Calcium
40mg Potassium
25mg Sodium
2mg Magnesium
1mcg Chromium
1mcg Molybdenum


MAN Sports announces new flavor of their newest product ISO-AMINO.

Coming fresh from the latest MicroBatch, ISO-AMINO by MAN Sports. Looks like they are at it again, unloading what looks to be 4 flavors of the latest ISO-AMINO’s. This appears to be one of the first, that we know of, pure isolated bcaa with a perfect 2:1:1 ration and zero artificial flavoring. States that it will mixes easily and has an amazing taste. We will just have to find out!

Shortly after releasing images of the new product, the first flavor was announced, MIGHTY MELON.

Although this will be available to the One Percenters first, we will bring you more details on the exact content of this ISO-AMINO Pure Isolated BCAA.

Purus Labs with a new BCAAXR.

Purus Labs pumping out another cool looking product, BCAAXR. It looks like it will be a one of a kind, extended released BCAA capsule(s), packing 1g of rapidly releasing 2:1:1 BCAA. It is said the you will get the initial release of BCAA and then 60 minutes later you will get yet ANOTHER release of BCAA. Purus Labs BCAAXR will deliver a total of 100g of BCAAs per a 150 capsule bottle. From other sources it appears the price, on the higher end, will be in the ball park of low $30 mark but with Supplement Central’s amazing and competitive pricing, look for BCAAXR to be a great bang for your buck. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for product details and release dates.

Purus Labs BCAAXR 150 capsule coming soon to Supplement Central!