SuperPump 250 With DMAA by Gaspari Nutrition

Ever since Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals acquired co-ownership of Gaspari Nutrition, they have been re-launching a slew of old products that were very popular a few years back, one of them being SuperPump 250 with DMAA.  Though the formula has changed a bit, it has been selling quite well so we decided to crack one open to see what the fuss was about.

To start off SuperPump 250 contains DMAA or 1,3 Demthylamylamine HCl which is a central nervous system stimulant that provides great focus and energy without the jitters. Combining this with Caffeine makes for a great pre-workout in itself.  It isn’t overly stimmy like other pre-workouts that are on the market and it packs enough punch for a great training session.gaspari-nutrition-super-pump-250-supplement-central

In addition SuperPump contains two main pump ingredients, L-Citrulline Silicate and Agmatine Silicate with Red Wine Extract thrown in there too. The pump you get from this product is ridiculous and long lasting.  That’s one thing that’s very hard to find, most nitric oxide boosting supplements only give you a pump that lasts maybe 20 minutes after your workout.  The pump you get from this product lasts hours after your workout which is amazing!

To give even more mental concentration Bacopa is added along with L-Taurine.  These ingredients help improve your ability to focus and reduce anxiety.  Taking this supplements with caffeine reduces the feeling of nervousness which could be detrimental to an intense training session.

Gaspari also didn’t skimp with the creatine.  Typically most pre’s have only creatine monohydrate added which isn’t bad, but its the cheapest form of creatine that’s available. SuperPump 250 contains 1.5 grams of Creatine Hydrochloride otherwise know as Creatine HCl.  Not only is this an effective dose of creatine, this is one of the most expensive creatines on the market and one of the most effective.  The water retention is minimal as only the internal muscle tissue holds the excess water and nothing is held on the outside of the cell.  This prevents that puffy look creatine monohydrate typically gives you.

Now adding all these effective ingredients gives you one hell of a pre-workout so how is the taste? Well it’s not the greatest honestly and it’s a bit chalky.  Most of these compounds taste awful by themselves and to completely mask that would be just about impossible.  But, who takes a pre-workout for taste?  If you are looking for incredible focus and long lasting pumps give this a shot you won’t be disappointed!


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