Premium Nutraceuticals (PNI) Prodigy 30 Servings | Review

Premium Nutraceuticals or better know as PNI stepped up to the plate with their all new pre workout, Prodigy. After speaking with Chad and Eric Broser about this amazing new product, we had to try it out ourselves. Stating “we”, a handful of employees and a few selected routine customers we had try out this product for feedback. What we got was something we did not expect…

Here is just some of our responses to the product Prodigy:

Major M. – ” I thought it was a joke when I read the label, could they honestly have all this stuff in 1 scoop? Huh, now I used a very large variety of pre-workouts, hands down this one is my new #1! The energy is insane and the pumps are massive…nicccee.”

Rich J. – “..the taste was good, figured that’s all it had that was good was taste. Until it kicked in and I hit the gym. I feel bad for how bad I beat those weights up. I felt as if I was on a treadmill at max speed with a pump so full, I felt as if my skin was going to tear. “

Mike M. – “Like a caged animal. Set after set I would pace the gym with more energy then I knew what to do with. The flavor Watermelon was one of the best tasting pre workout powders I tasted in a while. I used a ton of different pre workouts before, I would say this quickly made it to the top on my list of needs for the gym. Oh and not to mention, I felt like the size of King Kong after my workout… ridiculously swole.”

For most, trial and error are how people get a feel on how products work with their bodies. Some are great experiences and some not so well. With this run with Prodigy, we have yet to hear much of any negative feedback. The only stand out constant feedback we got was a just minor crash(exhaustion) post exercise. (Although rest does great for the body, maybe not a bad thing to take a cat nap post workout?)

In conclusion with the feedback we had received, PNI has came through with a bang and their pre workout product as well as their entire line of supplements are on the way to the top hand full of people at a time.

To check out the entire line of products and read more about Prodigy you can do so by clicking HERE.

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