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The New USPlabs Oxy Elite Pro elite thermogenic is among the top products to help burn body fat. With the new formula being released some ask, “Does it work the same?”

After using the old formula of USPlabs Oxy Elite Pro, some would say its not close where others believe it works relatively the same way. The feedback from most people that had used Oxy Elite Pro before, loved it and the results it had yielded. Most still use the new formula as well, enjoying the results that Oxy Elite Pro is still bringing them.

Since the grey area of the ban on DMAA (1, 3 Dimethylamylamine or geranium oil), USPlabs has reformulated their most infamous product, Oxy Elite Pro. To correct what is being rumored to be a “fake” and exposing those that are indeed fake, we have attached images are of the ingredients.

The old formula containing the DMAA and the new formula containing NO DMAA. The bottles are still the same size. The difference with some of the new print and the old print are very few, some words have a different font type, some are items are in RED and labeled on the new formula bottle “NEW” (obviously).

USPlabs Oxy Elite Pro

Old vs New Oxy Elite Pro

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