Nutrex Research adds three new products to their line.

Look out, here comes 3 new power packed products from Nutrex Research. Weeks before one of the major events of the year comes not only 3 new products, but 3 new looks to the Nutrex family.

Nutrex Adipodex – An additional weight loss product. This is a one pill per day “super” thermogenic. Adipodex promotes clean long lasting energy, appetite supression and intense focus. Good for an all day effect.

Nutrex Research New Adipodex 45 capsules at Supplement Central

Nutrex Hibern8 – This is a new addition to Nutrex. We haven’t seen many sleep aids come from them. The ingredient profile on this product is simple an contains some key ingredients to deep and restful sleep. (GABA at 1g, L-Tryptophan at 500mg and Melatonin at 5mg, Zinc at 10mg and Magnesium at 195mg)

Nutrex Research Hibern8, 90 capsules

Nutrex OutLift – Another different type of product added to the Nutrex line. We’ve all grown to enjoy the Hemorage as a high energy and focus product. With OutLift, you get the energy with the 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per one scoop and endurance with the 3g of l-luecine, 1.5g of l-isolucine and 1.5g of l-valine. They also added Citruline Malate 2:1 at 8g and Carnosyn Beta-Alanine at 3.2g for the ultimate skin ripping pump. Nice thing is about OutLift, there are no proprietary blends. Comes in Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry. What you see is what you get from OutLift Pre-Workout Powerhouse!

Nutrex Research OutLift Pre-workout 20 servings at Supplement Central

We can expect to see these products hitting our store late August into the beginning parts of September.


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