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BIG BACK DAY! Get a thick and fuller back, let’s go…

Starting my back workout, I like to utilize the smith machine and to do bent over rows. I use the smith machine to focus on form and contraction of the lats to warm up the back.

Smith Machine Bent Over Row Sets

– 1 warm up set of 15 reps. Use no weight (just the bar) or add 5 – 10 pound plates to warm-up and get the back nice and stretched out.

3 heavy working sets. I increase weight and drop the rep range:

– Working set 1 – 10 reps
– Working set 2 – 8 reps
– Working set 3 – 6 reps
– The final smith machine set will be heavier weight for 6 reps with a drop set to burn out or reach physical exhaustion.

What’s a drop set exactly?

A drop set is a form of a working set technique for pushing through an exercise with a much lower weight than a persons’ max lifting weight.

Example: I can bent over row 100 pounds for 6 reps. This is my max working set that I would do for 6 reps, then drop the weight down to 80 pounds. At this weight, I will do 6 reps, then drop the weight down to 60 pounds, so on and so forth until you get down to just the bar or until you reach physical exhaustion.

Next workout is Rack Pulls

Rack pulls are almost like a half dead lift. The reason I like to do rack pulls is because on my back day, I only focus on my back. When doing a full deadlift you incorporate a lot of leg work. I save my leg work for leg day.

– 1 warm up set of 15 reps. Use no weight (just the bar) or add 5 – 10 pound plates to warm-up and get the lifting motion down.

3 heavy working sets. Using the same format as before, increasing the weight as I decrease the rep range.

– Working set 1 – 10 reps
– Working set 2 – 8 reps
– Working set 3 – 6 reps
– Working set 4 – 6 reps
– Finish the working sets with a drop set to burn out.

You can do rack pulls multiple ways. Some people like using 25lb plates so they can get a deeper squeeze, or you can use 45lb plates to stack that weight up. (LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!!!).

After rack pulls I start doing all of my rows. I go to the T-Bar Row to really get a nice pump and contraction in my back.

I use 45 pound plates because I get a very good contraction from the workout.

T-Bar Row Sets. 6 sets total here:

– 1 warm up set
– 3 sets, increasing weight each set, for 12-10-10 rep range
Finish off with two (2) heavy ass sets for 8 reps. – Feel that pump!!

Next workout is Seated Cable Row.

I like throwing resistance exercise into my workouts, which is why I like using the seated cable row machine rather than a plate loaded machine.

I always start heavy and end heavy with seated cable rows.

– 5 sets total , increasing the weight (resistance) each set
– 15-12-10-8-8 rep range

Last but not least, the Lat Pull Down.

Finally I start my lat pull downs to end my workout. There is a lot of controversies between wide grip pull downs or close grip pull downs. I do close grip and I’m not going to explain why, you’ll see for yourself! I stay generally lighter here because I hold a longer squeeze with this workout.

– 5 sets total, increasing the weight each set. (again, start with light weight)
– 20-15-12-10-10 rep range

Go heavy but don’t lose form and remember to squeeze!

Sam Hall Back Pump Flex

The total back domination workout routine. Use this workout, got a big back pump? Show me what ya’ got.  Snap a picture or video, tag us on social media, and use hash tag #bigbackdaySC for a repost!

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