Supplement News: CLA


CLA which stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a slightly altered form of linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fatty acid important to human health, found mostly in animal food sources. It is important to know more about it since a recent study in the US said that CLA deficiency could be one of many reasons for obesity in Americans.

The Role of CLA

Research has found that CLA supplements are responsible for fortifying the immune system, protect against cancer and heart disease and it may help build muscle and promote fat loss. It has been discovered recently to help promote healthy glucose levels and insulin metabolism. CLA regulates lipid levels and protects us from free radicals (antioxidant).


Sources of CLA

Natural food sources rich in CLA include:

  • Beef –up to 0.9g/100g
  • Milk and dairy products 0.7% of all milk fat
  • Lamb
  • Goat

Grass fed animal products can contain up to 5 times more CLA than non grass fed ones.

Role of CLA in Fitness and Bodybuilding

According to a study approximately 3.4 grams of CLA per day shows extremely beneficial effects of CLA on body fat. Dr. Michael Pariza, who conducted research on CLA with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, concluded that it stops small fat cells from growing and helps keep fat tissue at bay.

There are studies that confirm implication of CLA for training. The combination of CLA and weight training can be very beneficial for everyone. A trial conducted on novices proved that ingesting 7g of CLA daily, improved strength and muscle mass compared to the group taking placebo.

Assumptions were made that CLA improves anabolic processes but it has to be investigated further.

Another study has shown that CLA supplementation reduced body fat by as much as 9% and simultaneously increase lean muscle mass by around 2%.



Having reviewed the properties of CLA and the positive research outcomes it is reasonable to assume that CLA supplementation can be of use to most of us. Whether you are looking to keep fit, build muscles or lose fat, CLA is the ‘go to’ supplement. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of variety will guarantee you are getting essential nutrients and you may also want to consider taking CLA in the form of a supplement. 4 grams and above is the recommended dose per day. Most supplements com in the form of capsules that already contain some oil to help your body absorb the CLA. Most users confirm that CLA combined with a healthy lifestyle does give good results and most reviews sit at 9.5 out of 10 stars.


*WARNING: CLA is water soluble so it should be taken with foods that contain fat.

Mutant BCAA’s Review

mutant bcaa 9.7Every person familiar with the fitness and bodybuilding industry must have at least heard of BCAA’s. But what are they really, how do they work and is it worth investing in a BCAA supplement?

Unlike other supplements, BCAA’s have been thoroughly researched and the studies show that BCAA supplements are indeed beneficial.

What are BCAA’s?

Let’s look at the basic science behind building muscle.  Muscle mass is equal to the rate of protein synthesis minus the rate of protein breakdown. If both are equal – you don’t gain or lose. If you break down more than you synthesize you will lose so it’s in your best interest to increase the muscle synthesis and recovery as much as you can. Especially during dieting and cutting you are more likely to cause catabolism with the calorie deficit and reduce synthesis.

So whether bulking or cutting (but especially the latter), you need to make sure to do your best to minimize catabolism (muscle breakdown) and maximize synthesis (growth).

This is where BCAA’s or branched-chain amino acids come in. They stimulate protein synthesis, possibly even more efficiently than regular protein on its own. BCAA’s have high bioavailability, they encourage cellular repair and muscle synthesis.

On the other hand BCAA’s reduce the catabolic effects of training and dieting. As you can see it’s a win- win situation. You won’t lose and gain more muscle! Quite a good outcome, if you ask me.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of BCAA’s is that they have the potential to increase workout performance.

During exercise, serotonin in the brain can increase the perception of fatigue and tiredness and cut your workout short. But BCAA supplementation reduces the amount of tryptophan and serotonin in the brain, and therefore reduces the amount of serotonin produced. This will ensure your workouts are more productive.

Does Brand Matter?

Firstly, some people say that whey will do you just as well. Is simply not true as BCAA supplements contain them in a free form easily absorbable and ready to hit your body straight away.

So what brands dominate the market when it comes to BCAA’s?

Rankings show that Optimum Nutrition and Muscle Pharm are popular in the community. Personally I have tried Mutant and found that it was rather effective in putting on muscle mass and reducing recovery time. It has a good ratio of BCAA’s (high dose of leucine) plus glutamine. Capsules are easy and portable, and powders are tasty. You may think taste is not important but if this is something you used every day – well it is quite important not to gag every time you take a sip.

Give it a try

Especially if you’re just getting into the world of supplements – invest in a good quality product such as Mutant and observe how it works. More expensive isn’t always better but it helps to do research first.  If you love it – great, if not something else. And most of all remember – it’s the hard work, the diet and then the supplements.

Rivalus Promasil


Rivalus Promasil is the right choice for the serious athlete.  Anyone who trains knows that after a workout you need to refuel your body with protein to help rebuild your muscles and increase your gains.  That was why Promasil was created.

Promasil is the first protein supplement to combine 7 of the world’s highest quality proteins to give you the best nutrient absorbtion possible. 

-Whey Protein Isolate
-Whey Protein Hydrolysate
-Milk Protein Isolate
-Micellar Casein
-Egg Protein
-Whey Protein Concentrate
-Goat Milk Protein

All of these proteins are chilled and micro-filtered which allows only the tiniest particles to pass through the filtration screen. What does that mean for you? No clumping and easy mixing and will not stick to your shaker cup.  Did you also know that by micro filtering the protein it is rid of unwanted sugars and fats?  This is Just another great advantage of using Rivalus Promasil. Try it alone or stack it with other great Rivalus Products.

 How should I take it?
It is recommended to take 1-2 scoops with 250ml of H2O immediately after you workout.  On rest days take 1 scoop in the morning and 1 at night.

Do I need to cycle Promasil?
 No need for cycling here.  Promasil is a protein and we all know your body needs protein.  Promasil will help to keep you fueled up. 

Can I lose weight with Promasil or only gain?
You will definitely notice and decrease in your appetite when taking Promasil. It will also help ignite your fat burning and support muscle mass building.  Combining them all will help give you a leaner body.

As with all Rivalus products Promasil has gone through a vigorous testing to make sure the product is certified SAEF (Safe and Effective First).  SAFE is a university lab-based program that tests each product on various athletes to make sure that the product being offered consistently maintains normal physiological function while continuing to improve body composition and performance.   Along with this testing all Rivalus products are also IOC and WADA compliant.


rivalusRivalus Sports Nutrition, Inc. is a leader in nutritional supplements. They are designed specifically for the Olympian and professional athlete.  Their supplements are safe and effective and do not contain any of the banned substances that athletes are banned from consuming.  This makes Rivalus the number one choice.

Originally RIVALUS was  based in Nova Scotia until 2013 when it was acquired by the Costello brothers and their company Nutrivo LLC.   Manufacturing was moved to Aurora, Illinois where their products are now made in a huge 130,000 square foot facility.  The Costello brothers are the founders of and former owners of Optimum Nutrition.

In today’s sports industry with all of the cutthroat competition and rules it is very important to trust what you are taking. You want to know that the ingredients that labeled are what is in the bottle.   Rivalus strives to do just that.  Their supplements are made of only the highest quality ingredients and made to be the most powerful and effective choice you can make.  They are guaranteed to be free of fillers and dangerous substances that you do not need in your body.

Many supplement companies claim to contain only non banned ingredients in their supplements but have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar so to speak and in return professional athletes suffer the consequence.  At Rivalus there are no banned ingredients and everything is listed right on the label so you can feel confident in what you are taking.

Not only does Rivalus tell you that they do not contain things banned but they go a step further and have independent third party testing done. They select a random product from shelves to ensure it is free of banned substances.

If this doesn’t make you feel safe taking a supplement I don’t know what else will.  When looking for the safest choice in supplements for the professional athlete, Olympians, bodybuilders and average joe look no further than Rivalus.



Why should I take Whey Protein after my Workout?

 whey proteinA regular training program followed by tangible progress requires a well thought through nutritional plan. Some people believe that it’s best not to eat anything after a workout but regardless of what you goal is protein, especially after a workout can’t do you any harm. In most cases, after you put your muscles under strain, it is beneficial to consume protein – the main compound of our cells, especially of muscle. In the 45 minutes that follows your workout (anabolic window), more happens than you could ever imagine. This is when the most reparative and recovery processes happen in your muscles.

Protein Timing – Why Post Workout?

During exercise muscle fibers are ripped and the protein breaks down. Afterwards, muscle protein synthesis remains stable, while protein breakdown increases significantly. Basically, this means that if you don’t increase your protein intake, you will break down rather than build muscle. It is absolutely essential for muscle hypertrophy (growth), to keep the protein intake high at all times but especially after workout. In the mentioned recovery process that follows your workout (around 45 minutes) protein is needed to restore and grow the muscle cells. Even though your body and workout intensity will benefit from pre- workout protein, after a strenuous session at the gym your muscles need it most – amino acids, after all, are the ‘building blocks’ of protein, which in turn is essential for muscle function and growth. You should definitely consider adding at least 30g of protein such as a scoop of Rule One Protein to your daily intake and ingest it post workout.

Types of Protein – Why Whey?

High-quality protein provides all the essential amino acids your body is unable to synthesize. Milk products and meats contain a large proportion of branched-chain amino acids so they can be quite a good choice. These amino acids are essential for stimulating new muscle and speed up muscle recovery, especially after hard workouts. Even though natural foods are often good sources of protein and amino acids, whey isolate and concentrate are the best post workout protein sources.  Protein is known not only to aid in muscle recovery and growth but it also keeps you full longer by reducing production of hormones responsible for hunger. People on high protein diets have less body fat and tend to snack less. Also, it is simply more convenient and quicker than preparing a meal and you can have it anywhere at any time.

But what if you knew that whey protein can help you fight off cancer and other diseases? Some studies show that whey protein increases glutathione production. Glutathione is an anti-oxidant your body uses to fight off free radicals causing diseases. Glutathione is made up from amino acids so you see how it’s very important to consume adequate protein, especially if you work out. It aids not only muscle healing but healing overall. Other studies also show that whey protein such as Whey Protein Gold Standard can help defeat high blood pressure and cholesterol.

You don’t always need fancy products. Less is more when it comes to supplements. Even though it’s important to consume adequate protein directly post workout, especially strength training, don’t forget all nutrients and food groups are important, and make sure you have a balanced diet.