MAN Sports Releases Two New Iso-Amino Flavors – Pineapple Express and SweetDelish!

Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly add any new tasty flavors, MAN Sports unleashes two more to the list with Pineapple Express and SweetDelish Iso-Aminos!  We had to crack them open to give it a shot and they are amazing yet again!  The Pineapple Express has a great aroma of Pineapple upon cracking the seal and the amino powder is so fine it dusts up if you give the container a slight shake.  The powder dissolves almost immediately and you don’t have to continue to shake or stir the contents with very little sediment at the bottom.  The flavor is amazing…  pure pineapple!  It doesn’t leave any nasty aftertaste, it actually still tastes like you were eating a pineapple!  The Amino profile is the same as the other flavors containing:

MAN ISO Amino SweetDelish



2500mg of L-Leucine
1250mg of L-Valine
1250mg of L-Isoleucine




Now for the SweetDelish… After cracking open this one, it has a mild fruity aroma.  And now for the taste test.  It’s not as sweet as some of the other flavors MAN has introduced.  It has more of a hint of the Swedish Fish flavor.  There isn’t any real after taste or chemical type lingering effect either.  It mixes the same as the other and this flavor I could drink more often since it’s not as sweet as some of the others.

Keep in mind MAN has the small batch philosophy too.  This keeps products fresher as well as enhancing the quality.  Each batch is tested before it’s released to the market to assure you, the customer, receives the best possible product.  Know when you buy a supplement from MAN Sports you are getting what the label says.

Chasing the Intense Energy & Extreme Pump – The Cellucor C4 50X Run Down

Since the launch of Cellucor G4 (Fourth Generation of Products), we can see they’ve taken the C4 Extreme and broke it down into separate series of C4’s. Not rolling out the C4 Extreme in the G4 series, but in addition to that, Cellucor has pumped out C4 Mass, C4 Ripped, and the latest arrival to SC, C4 50X.

So what makes the new 50X different from the others? Well the C4 Mass is as simple as it is named. They’ve added carbohydrates and additional creatine to the Mass blend; again simple. Reviews on this product are coming in slowly as the new G4 series has been picking up. The Mass has performing well with majority of our customers. We can’t say the same for the C4 Ripped as of yet with little to no feedback. – Stay tuned for those though!

The C4 Ripped has mass similarities to the Super HD Powder, yet still holding the C4 label. Could be that the Super HD Powder is being phased out? We will leave you to decide that.

On to the answer for the question above, what makes the C4 50x different from the rest? After quickly reviewing the nutritional panel and not going to much in depth, it appears quite simple. They’ve integrated TeaCor™, XCELICOR™ and the traditional Caffeine Anhydrous (I know same-old yada yada.) The most intriguing thing about this blend are the two “fancy” caffeine’s. Not by name but how the absorption rate by the body, each source provides. As old school caffeine anhydrous hits the system quickly and yet not as efficiently, meaning the body doesn’t process and absorb anhydrous to the fullest. On to the TeaCor™ and the XCELICOR caffeine’s.

Both TeaCor™ and XCELICOR™ are a more efficient, moderate to fast absorbing caffeine’s with lasting effects. What do I mean by “lasting effects”? It’s been tested that XCELICOR has lasting effects up to 6 hours after consumption. Say WHAT! Yes, the effect of XCELICOR compared to regular caffeine is that it’s been shown to improve mental clarity, greater concentration, improved energy & alertness, and most important, NO adverse effects.

The release of TheaTrim™ by Purus Labs, utilized the TeaCor™ compound well before C4 50X came out. The TeaCor™ seems to affect the brain, closer to the effects of caffeine in which stimulates the central nervous system and decreases the central nervous system at lower doses. The biggest difference between TeaCor™ and Caffeine is that TeaCor™ has been shown NOT to effect blood pressure, and also has been suggested that it has much less effects on the liver as it does not cause liver damage usually causes by stress when utilizing caffeine.

Okay, enough of the energy and focus talk. On to the pump compounds in the C4 50X. Again, briefly running through the panel we can see it contains the essentials, beta alanine, arginine AKG, and the most favorable Creatine Nitrate (N3-T™).

With the basics covered and the additional energy sources, the new Cellucor G4 C4 50X would definitely be an interesting product to try, and is now available!

P28 Announces New Pancake Flavors

Many of us have enjoyed a tasty pancake. P28 Foods had launched their protein packed dry pancake mix late 2014 with two core flavors, Buckwheat and White Chocolate. Well move over core flavors, here comes the newest to the P28 Pancake family, Chocolate Coconut and Strawberries n’ Cream!

For those who’ve never tried the P28 Pancakes, besides being absolutely delicious, the dry mix packs in 28 grams of PROTEIN per two (2) pancakes. (normal, not hulk sized pancakes) They use absolutely ZERO high fructose corn syrup, ZERO trans fats, non-GMO, and ZERO artificial preservatives. This is the ultimate definition of cheating clean.

The two (2) new flavors, Chocolate Coconut and Strawberries n’ Cream are currently on order and should be available by the end of April 2015.

P28 Pancake Mix - Chocolate Coconut and Strawberries N' Cream -

Move over PB2 here comes the New MET-Rx® Powdered Peanut Butter

MET-Rx Powdered Peanut Butter Banner

The past few years many companies have picked up on the Peanut Butter craze. As of lately, Bell Plantation’s PB2 product has made the days of nasty protein shakes a past time. The versatility of powdered peanut butter are just about endless. Another player in the powdered peanut butter game as just entered, MET-Rx®.

MET-Rx Powdered Peanut Butter Product Image

MET-Rx® revealed their newest, and first, product of 2015, Powdered Peanut Butter (PPB). It’s as simple as the label reads. It’s contains 90% LESS calories than the traditional peanut butter. Just 3 ingredients, ground peanuts, sugar, and salt.

As any good company would do, MET-Rx® suggests using their new product in conjunction with the MET-Rx® Pancake Mix along with their protein powders. The ingredient profile breaks down to, at 2 tablespoons (12g), approximately 15 servings, 50 calories, 15 calories from Fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 95mg Sodium, 4g Total Carbohydrate (1 fiber, 1 sugar), and 5g Protein.

Just like the Bell Plantation PB2 PPB, you can mix two (2) tablespoons with two (2) tablespoons of water to create a peanut butter paste/pudding like product. With a product so versatile, who knows what the average fitness cook will come up with! The MET-Rx® PPB is set to launch some time June 2015.

Have you created a master piece using powdered peanut butter? Show us what you got for a shout out on our social media pages by tagging us in your videos or pictures and using hash tag #fitcookSC.


P28 Foods Release a New Amazing Flavor to Their Spreads – Caramel Turtle Spread

It’s been confirmed. The guys over at P28 Foods are pumping out a new, delicious flavor of high protein spreads, Caramel Turtle! Still packed with whey isolate, the new flavor is a unique chocolate, caramel and cashew blend. A bit different from their peanut or almond nut source. Cashew nuts are actually the kidney-shaped seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit of the cashew tree, which is native to the coastal areas of northeastern Brazil.  The seed we know as the kidney-shaped cashew “nut” is delicate in flavor and firm, but slightly spongy, in texture. Combined with a tasty chocolate and caramel makes an amazing anytime snack! The Caramel Turtle Spread is set to hit shelves April 15, 2015.

“You asked for it, and we answered. A high protein spread made with cashews. Coming April 15th, our all-new Caramel Turtle Spread! Made with the highest quality milk chocolate, creamy rich caramel, and delicately sweet cashew butter! 

After one bite, you just can’t stop! IT’S…THAT…GOOD!!!!!!”

– P28 Foods Facebook Fan Page