3 Causes of The Body’s Yo-Yo Effect

Losing weight is often one of the most difficult things that an individual may do in life. Though dieting is not the only challenge that anyone may experience, learning the art of getting the weight off and keeping it off can be an ongoing frustration for many.

Having said that, this ongoing frustration can lead to a type of dieting that is normally referred to as Yo-Yo dieting. Because Yo-Yo dieting can easily destroy a healthy metabolism, it is important that everyone understands as much as they can about what it is, its causes and how to avoid this cyclic dieting altogether.

What is the Yo-Yo Effect?
According to Kelly D. Brown from Yale University, this type of dieting is currently known by the term weight cycling. Since this type of dieting simulates the movements of an up and down motion, professionals in this health and medical field refer to weight cycling as the Yo-Yo effect. Typically, when a person experiences this type of dieting, the weight loss may be in cycles that ranges from as low as 5 – 10 pounds to as much 40 or more pounds. For instance, the individual may lose 10 pounds in January, keep it off for a few months, and then gain it all back and more. Unfortunately, if this horrific cycle is not recognized and discontinued, this pattern can go on and on for many years. In some situations, the person may even give up completely on reaching their desired weight goal.

3 Causes of the Body’s Yo-Yo Effect

  • 1. Losing large amounts of weight: in a short period of time is one of the major causes of the yo-yo diet effect. In fact, in some cases, people can easily become professional dieters since they know how to lose significant amounts of weight in short periods of time. For instance, fasting is one of the best ways to drop the pounds swiftly without having to following a burdensome diet plan that is difficult for anyone people to follow. Also, when the weight has been lost by not eating at all, the stomach will shrink and the reduction in calories is normally idea. On the other hand, the yo-yo dieting will also begin since this weight is also very easy to gain back.
  • 2. Changing Diet Programs: As mentioned above, some people become professional dieters without even realizing it. This is especially true since there are many different diets that really work, specific ally if they are followed closely as prescribed. For instance, the Atkins diet cuts out the carbs (sugar, ice cream, pastas) so it is a really great way to lose weight. Another great diet limits the amount of fat that can be eaten and it also will do a great job. Based on the individual, they may decide to try one or both from time to time. Unfortunately, this change in diet programs may also lead to cycle dieting and problems with the person’s metabolism.
  • 3. Not being able to keep the weight off: For some people, getting the weight off may not be a problem that they struggle with. On the other hand, the problems that they experience may be due to the fact that they cannot keep the weight off once lost. Therefore, not being able to keep the weight off with a healthy daily diet can be the cause of this type of cyclic dieting.

The Yo-Yo diet effect can be caused by a number of different things. Not being able to keep the weight off, changing diet programs frequently and losing large amounts of weight too quickly are at 3 of the top causes of yo-yo dieting.

Using Fat Burner Supplements Properly

One of the most important things to know about fat burner supplements is how to use them properly. By properly, we mean in a manner which will produce the most effective results. In order to do this, first you need to understand how they stimulate the body’s metabolism. The metabolism can be thought of as an internal furnace that operates according to caloric intake. Whenever too many calories are consumed, this results in calories that are stored as fat. The stored fat blocks the body’s thermogenic capabilities. Supplements work to convert the stored fat into energy. This is a counter action as fat storage turns off the furnace and the body goes into preservation mode instead. Fat burning supplements must contain certain key ingredients to kickstart the body’s metabolic processes. For example, Animal Cuts 24 pak has a “stimulant complex” and a “metabolic complex” with white tea, black tea and green tea extract (EGCG), caffeine, and coffee bean extract. These ingredients are combined with other necessary agents to elevate the speed at which fat is burned.

Today, most often fat burner supplements are used in conjunction with exercise and a sensible diet. In most cases, people feel that they’ve reached a plateau and need to reset their body’s metabolism to achieve fat loss. Overall, fat burners increase energy levels and improve metabolic outcomes by controlling appetite. Diet is important because without restricting calories, there isn’t anyway for fat burner supplements to respond. Supplements work because they burn stored fat for energy, this can only be accomplished if there’s a caloric deficit. The thermogenic/metabolic fat burner effect is achieved when the supplements causes the body to search for additional calories, to make up for the missing ones. To achieve the maximum results, calories should be cut gradually and water intake should be increased to accelerate the fat flushing process.

Fat burner supplements are effective, but there are some additional knowledge that’s needed before using them. First, you have to start slowly and only reduce a few calories per day in the beginning. Because you don’t want to send your body into shock. Sometimes metabolic body shock occurs when people jump right into a fad diet. The way to avoid body shock is to prevent storage of “new” fat from food. New fat comes from daily food intake, when you already have stored extra calories. A sudden and dramatic reduction in calories sends the body into shock and preservation mode. Whereby the body thinks that it’s preparing for starvation and starts clinging to any and all calories. Supplements increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

In conclusion, fat burner supplements are safe and produce relatively few side effects, when used according to directions. Sometimes whenever a person reaches a fat loss plateau, they are unable to burn fat. Instead, their caloric intake is stored as fat. Then despite incredible hard efforts with exercise, the stored fat remains. This is where a fat burner is most effective, because of the thermogenic ingredients, fat burners influence how your body uses stored calories. Many people express frustration when their fat storage is not reduced by exercise. That’s because they haven’t changed their internal composition. Fat burner supplements support healthy metabolic function by using stored fat as reserved energy. Overcoming the hurdle of storing fat instead of burning it for fuel is nearly impossible to accomplish without a supplement. Establishing a caloric deficit is necessary because the body needs help to breakdown the fatty acids from the stored fat. There must first be an internal deficit. Ideally, there has to be a need for the body to search for the stored fat. So that it goes beyond the amount of fat supplied from the normal food intake. Prior to beginning a fat burning supplement, it’s advisable to receive a medical check-up. Because there are critical changes needed to achieve successful fat loss. This includes incorporating additional exercise, caloric restrictions and increased fluid intake.

How Do Vitamins Aid With Some Bone Fractures?

The process of a fracture healing can be long and frustrating. You pretty much just have to give it time and let it heal on its own. With that being said, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process. One of those ways is to take certain vitamins. Some vitamins can help speed up the healing time as well as help your bones grow stronger than what they are. In addition, a lot of these vitamins are also really beneficial to the other parts of your body. This is important because the rest of your body needs to be healthy and working efficiently in order to send the fractured bone the nutrients it needs in order to heal. This article is going to talk about some of the best vitamins that do this.

Calcium is one of the main things that promote healthy and strong bones. Taking this vitamin after a fracture can help make the weak and broken bone grow back stronger and healthier. With that being the case, there is less chance that you will have another fracture or break on the same bone. While it’s still possible, the bone will be much stronger if you take this vitamin.

Magnesium is another great vitamin that can aid in the healing of fractured bones. The biggest reason why you need magnesium is because it works closely to calcium in order to make your bones strong and healthy. You can either get 2 separate supplements or you can find some that have calcium and magnesium all in 1 pill.

Vitamin C
The next vitamin that can help speed up the healing process is vitamin C. Not only does it build up the density of the bone, but it also helps reduce inflammation. This is especially beneficial for after the fracture has healed because it will reduce the chance of having another fracture and help combat conditions that can be caused from having a fractured bone, such as complex regional pain syndrome.

Another vitamin that is great for helping the process go by quicker is protein. This is actually one of the biggest things you can use to help speed up the process. The reason for this is because bones are made up of 50% living proteins. When a bone is fractured, the body starts sending protein to help heal the fractured bone. By ingesting more protein, your body will send more to help aid in the healing of the bone. This will make the entire process quicker.

The next vitamin that is great for speeding up the healing process of a fractured bone is collagen. In short, collagen is the actual mechanical strength of the bone. Not only does it help to build the bone but it also helps repair the connective tissues and improve the blood vessels.

The final vitamin that aids in the healing process is turmeric. Not only does it help your body fight against inflammation, but it also helps improve heart, liver, and joint functions. Not only will this help the healing process progress quicker, it will help you have less pain and you can actually take turmeric instead of having to rely completely on pain killers.

These are all vitamins that should help your healing process go quicker than if you weren’t taking them. One of the great things about these vitamins is that you can take them in addition to foods that already contain them. This will help your body work more efficiently and be able to help your fractured bones heal correctly. Even though these are good for your body, you should speak to your doctor before starting any of them. Once you get the go ahead, you can look at these option and decide which ones are the best for you.

Using Labrada CarbWatchers Lean Body MRP Shake 20 Pack Right!

The Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Shake is ideal for anyone who wants to increase the results of their daily workout or reach the next athletic achievement in their progress. The shake is specially formulated to provide the nutrients and proteins that the body needs to stay powered through a vigorous workout, whether its cardio, lifting weights, long distance running or playing a sport. If you are looking for a meal replacement to help you lose weight fast, the Labrada Carbwatchers Lean Body shake may not be for you, as it is designed to work with a workout regimen to improve the body.

There are many ways to prepare and drink the shake, making it easy to have one even if you are at work, the gym, traveling away from home or on the run. Some of the best ways to prepare the shake include:
• Add the shake powder to 10 ounces of filtered or distilled water
• Pour the powder into a bottle of water and shake to dissolve evenly
• Use a blender bottle or shaker to mix the powder with ice and water
• Use a blender or smoothie maker to blend the powder with ice, water or milk to make a healthy milkshake

For best results, you should consume a shake instead of a regular meal at least twice a day. The increased nutrients and proteins in the shake can provide more energy to fuel the body than a typical meal, especially if you are in the habit of eating convenience or fast food. The Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Shake contains much less sugar, fat and sodium than pre-packaged diet meals, protein bars or frozen meals. In addition to providing protein and essential nutrients, each shake also delivers more than 20 minerals to help the body perform at optimal fat burning levels as you workout.

Not only does The Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Shake provide healthy nutrients and proteins to help keep the body going and burn more fat during your workout, it also tastes great. One of the main reasons that athletes love this shake powder so much is because the great taste makes it easy to keep consuming over time. If you have tried other shake powders but found them to be chalky, gritty or just unpleasant, The Labrada Carb Watchers Lean Body Shake can be a much better option. The taste is so good it actually won an award from the American Tasting Institute. The shake is available in multiple different flavors including:
• Chocolate
• Strawberry
• Vanilla

For the best value and variety, try the Neapolitan variety pack, which includes some of each different flavor. It’s a great way to try each flavor and decide which is your favorite. The variety keeps the shakes interesting and stops you from getting tired of constantly having to drink the same thing.

Along with a workout plan and some dedication, proper use of the Labrada CarbWatchers Lean Body MRP Shake 20 Pack can help you get results.

Plant-Based Supplements – A Healthy Foundation

Plant-based supplements are a healthier alternative to synthetic based supplements. They are made from botanical ingredients, leaves, flowers, bark, spices, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. The plant-based supplement is usually made with a plant that organically involves a high amount of the needed nutrient. The particular origin for supplements is determined by exactly which mineral or vitamin is necessary. After sources for nutrients and minerals are identified they are extracted by supplement manufacturers in a variety of ways. Once the nutrients and minerals are extracted a plant-based supplement is made with a diverse array of vitamins and minerals to provide for the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). Below are the benefits of using plant-based supplements as well as two great product examples.

Low Mineral Toxicity:

Too much absorption of a certain mineral can in fact be harmful to the body. In plant based supplements there is a lower risk level of mineral toxicity found in comparison to animal-sourced or synthetic supplements. A great example of this can be found in the commonly used iron supplement. In plant-based supplements iron carries a lower risk of toxicity than that of iron found in animal-sourced supplements.

Natural Smell & Taste:

A key highlight for plant-based supplements comes from being able to smell and taste the difference from synthetic supplements. In plant-based supplements there are no artificial sweeteners, synthetic fillers, nor any toxic chemicals that are found in the alternatives. Because of inherent tastes and smells that plants provide from many constituents and oils, this has become one of the most desired aspects of plant-based supplements. The quality of the plant-based supplements can be evaluated just from the smell and taste! The organic smells will give you the ability to identify many of the natural ingredients.


What is bio-availability? This has to do with the ease that your body absorbs particular nutrients. Studies consistently prove that in order to have a nutritional diet, plant-based nutrients are necessary for a healthy foundation. Under the umbrella of plant-based nutrients are the supplements that you are using in order to maintain and improve your state of health. Obviously, the supplements that your body can absorb the most easily are the ones that need to be used. Therefore, because of the better bio-availability found in plant-based supplements, they are needed over any other supplemental alternative.


For the environment and for yourself, using plant-based supplements improve both. Often times, plants-based supplements are vegan, but there are some manufacturers that will try to slip in some non-vegan ingredients by using gelatin capsules that only hold vegan ingredients. The majority of plant-based supplements are vegan but checking the label carefully is smart to do.

Co-factors & Co-nutrients:

Plants themselves have a vast amount of diverse phytonutrients, minerals, aromatic oils, and vitamins. All of these elements tend to work together. Often times certain elements are isolated because one compound may seem more effective, but in actuality this takes away any support from the other elements. In plant-based supplements these ‘co-nutrients’ and ‘co-factors’ are a massive differentiating factor in comparison to synthetic and lab-based supplements.

Product Examples:

1. Bell Plantation PB2 – Different to any peanut butter you’ve ever used, Bell Plantation PB2 is a powdered peanut butter that is completely unique. Without using any chemicals that alter the naturalness found in a peanut, 85% of the fat has actually been removed from high quality peanuts by Bell Plantation. This process is done by squeezing out oils from roasted peanuts and using the remains, powdered peanut butter. This powder peanut butter has no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. By stirring the powder peanut butter with water, what’s created is the same texture and consistency found in the traditional idea of idea of peanut butter, but instead there is 85% less fat.

2. NOW® Plant Enzymes – These enzymes are used to help in proper digestion and is used particularly in a vegetarian diet. With a comprehensive blend of enzymes, it is formulated to help the digestion system break down carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and fats. With this assistance, this optimizes the opportunity for nutrients in the food you eat to have their healthy impact. In order to help in digestion of dairy products, NOW® Plant Enzymes also have lactase to help those who are overly responsive to lactose.

The differences between plant-based supplements and synthetic supplements are of high impact. Supplements are not created equally and your body will plainly be able to identify the differences. Both types of supplements have an effect on your body, what matters is the type of effect these supplements have. Many artificial vitamins will go through the body without your body fully absorbing them. By looking through the ingredients and the nutritional facts when shopping for supplements just like you would when shopping for food, you can help yourself in reaching your health goals and save yourself time and money. Look for ingredients that are plant based and stay away from any that are synthetic or artificial based.