Another addition to the SC Team, welcome Rachel Calhoun

Rachel Calhoun - Intro/Bio -

The writing team is growing and the education, knowledge and creativity is flowing like the three rivers. Rachel had been referred to us as being an enthusiastic, and creative individual that would be add value to our team. We’ll just let you read about Rachel in her brief bio below.

My name is Rachel, and I am a fitness fanatic. I’ve loved being active since I was young. I played volleyball, basketball, softball, and lacrosse in high school. Once I got to college, I knew I wasn’t good enough to play Division I sports. This is when I dove into group fitness.

I earned my Zumba certification sophomore year at Robert Morris University, and my second Zumba certification my junior year. I enjoyed teaching three days a week, but my hips thought otherwise. I needed more stretching in my life, and I knew the only way I would stretch my muscles on a consistent basis was by teaching Yoga. During my Yoga training, my “Gumby” classmates would touch their toes with ease, while I would just be lucky to grab my shins. Luckily, I made it through, received my certification and started teaching. Unlike most Yoga classes, I play relaxing acoustics of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, etc. while strengthening and stretching the muscles. Some of the places I teach my fitness classes include Dick’s Sporting Good’s headquarters, NOVA Chemicals, Robert Morris University, and Boom Fitness. I love teaching group fitness because it gives me the most satisfying feeling knowing that I am helping others better themselves.

The summer of my senior year in college, I found an interest in power lifting. I enjoyed the feeling of “that set was easy, put more weight on the bar.” I took every day as a challenge to beat my weights from previous weeks. I’ve been lifting over two years now, and I enjoy every minute of it. Once I understood all of the strength training terminology and how the muscles worked, I decided to get my ACE Personal Training Certification. I wanted to help other people prepare for the test, as well, so I started an ACE Personal Training Prep course at Robert Morris University that meets once a week.

Food is another top priority with fitness for me. I have a blast coming up with new recipes and fun creations out of different healthy foods and supplements. I like to think of myself as a food scientist. In order to stay healthy but still enjoy food, I had to figure out how to create my favorite foods in a healthier, more nutritious way. Some of my favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, pancakes, cookies, brownies, and anything with peanut butter.

My goal is to help others positively change themselves from the inside out, whether that comes to food, fitness, or mental well-being.

Let’s have a warm welcome to Rachel to the SC Team!

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