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Hey everyone! Here today to finally drop my thoughts on the pre-workout, RAGE, by Animal. I had used this before at an Animal Barbell Club event during the Arnold Classic and had a freakishly good leg session, but I wasn’t positive if it was from the Rage or simply from having the opportunity to train next to powerlifter and bodybuilders from the Animal and Universal teams that I have the utmost respect for. Moving on, below I am basically going to run through my day, the training we did, how I feel the product worked for me and my overall thoughts. To get right to the product review you can skip right to the bottom, but COME ON, I took the time to write this so read it and leave me some feedback.

Most, if not all, take the precious pre-workout for an extra boost of energy and intensity to blast through a grueling workout. Some people work long hours or demanding jobs but still have that motivation and inner desire to improve their overall health and physique in the gym at the end of the day and rely on this boost to get them there. Saturday was no different for my boy Chris and I. Chris was generous enough to assist me in moving my belonging to a new house which you know is never easy and always involves lifting heavy, awkward items up and down flights of steps. It was also about 90 degrees that day. I promised him we’d get a sick training session in at the famous Exercise Warehouse following the move. After everything was settled the first drink mixed at the sink was RAGE “Slaughtermelon,”(find the taste and mixability test here, I have used basically just pill pak’s from Animal and Universal so I wasn’t sure what to expect taste wise, but it was BOMB. Loved the watermelon flavor. No residue at the bottom of the shaker either, so you know you’re taking in all the contents. But, how did I feel throughout training?

Warehouse is your typical old school, bodybuilding and powerlifting gym. No AC, that’s not going to get you bigger or stronger, just all of the iron and equipment you need to become better than you were yesterday. Our workout went even longer than expected, finished up around the 2 hour mark and I felt like I could’ve went even longer. You can find the training below but it started out with Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method for Bench (Heavy Day) with some additional bodybuilding accessory work/modifications, followed by a full variance delt day and capped off with some abdominal work. Throughout the entire session I felt fully charged, which I would  have to give credit to Animal’s “Sustained Energy Complex” which is designed to give you the initial jolt you need to get started, as well as carry through and not fade out leaving you feeling fatigued at the midway point. I must say that I keep referring to getting “energy” for your workout but this is not the correct term. Your body get energy from calories and macronutrients, carbohydrates and fat, so without these your actually not getting energy moreso just drive, focus and the boost from caffeine. The pump I felt in my arms and chest was second to none, that skin splitting feeling that we all are looking for throughout every workout.

Truly, there was nothing I did not like about RAGE. I will say that I am not a fan of proprietary blends as you don’t know how much of each ingredient is included and if it is enough to give you the benefits of clinically studied doses, but being that Universal is a company I trust and they have been around since 1977, I don’t see them trying to pull the wool over our eyes. A huge benefit, as I mentioned in my first pre-workout article, is that it does NOT contain creatine. As we know, caffeine negates the positive effects of creatine so it is pointless to take simultaneously. There also is no shady mixtures or unknown fillers in Rage. Animal has an awesome testing program that they open up to their FORVM members and when they see an ingredient that isn’t worth the risk, they remove it. Which is why there was never any 1-3 dimethylamylamine in Rage. They initially tested two versions, one with and one without. The group taking it with saw no greater benefit and some negative side effects, so they cut it out before the study was finished.

All in all, I give RAGE a 8.5 out of 10. Reason being, rarely(never) do I give 10’s because nothing is perfect, and the proprietary blend’s drop it .5 points.

Final recommendation, supplement it with 2-3g pure Beta-Alanine in your post workout shake when you are consuming your creatine. Beta-Alanine has shown to work well with creatine and since it is part of a blend, you may not be getting the required 3.2g-6.4g as studied for the ergogenic benefit.

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