The Effects of Coca-Cola After Consumption

The life of sugary drinks has met their days until extinction, or will they prevail? There are more studies, articles, videos, ect, that explain the health concerns related to sodas (pop) such as Coca-Cola.

The issue isn’t getting people to switch over to other beverages but more of an issue well educating people on how “soda” actually works with the body after consumption. I came across an extremely interesting info graph that explains the bodies reaction one (1) hour after the consumption of Coca-Cola (original). It is compelling how closely the soda causes the body to react as if it had been taking in a narcotic (such as heroin). How do you feel after consuming it?

In addition to this info graph, Netflix had released an in-depth documentary about sugar, childhood obesity and the fad of the “diet x product” era. The movie is called Fed-Up and is well worth the hour to watch it. No need to explain, just watch.

Now now, I am not saying we all should just up and stop consuming soda or sugar filled products. The point is that in moderation, in most cases, is the safest way to do just about anything, even consuming sugar. Sure they tell you the “daily intake” of sugar to be 10 grams but the point is when you start depriving yourself of foods or beverages you enjoy tends to lead to a binge. To binge or consuming an overwhelming amount can cause far more damage to your body than an occasional treat.

Rule One Proteins: Pre-Train review and breakdown.

Rule One Proteins Pre Train

With one of the top rising proteins in quality, taste and effectiveness, Rule One Proteins has taken their creed of “better input = better output” seriously with their pre-workout.  Pre-Train is loaded with just the right amount of ingredients to come on quick, give you a great workout and not leave you stimmed out for hours after, which is great for an evening or nighttime workout session.  I saw enough energy and focus to keep my stamina up, the pump was very impressive and I was able to fall asleep no problem approx. 2.5hrs later.  It comes in four standard flavors, blue raspberry, fruit punch, green apple and orange. Using 2 scoops you are get approximately 210 mg of anhydrous caffeine to wake you up quick and about 50 mg of green tea extract and green coffee bean to amp up your metabolism.  1 gram of L-Tyrosine and 2 grams of Taurine to help you stay focused and to aid in protein synthesis.  1.6 grams of CarnoSyn® beta alanine for greater physical working capacity, enhanced endurance and delayed fatigue.  Their pump blend will deliver 1 gram of AAKG and Agmatine Sulfate plus 1 gram of L-Citrulline to really get your blood flowing and help deliver the 5 grams of micronized BCAA’s straight to the muscles.  Pre-Train is one of the many outstanding products the Costello Bros. have added to the Rule One Proteins line-up and if you haven’t done your research yet it’s about time you do!

Adrafinil. What is it and what does it do?

The Razor's EdgeEver since the movie Limitless, companies have been marketing products claiming to be “The” NZT 48.  Well…. they’re not, but some may come close.  So what is Adrafinil and what does it do?  Right off the bat this is a prodrug that metabolizes in the liver to primarily Modafinil which promotes wakefulness and alertness. In the U.S a prescription is needed for Modafinil but not for Adrafinil.  It is thought Modafinil inhibits re-uptake of the dopamine transporter which will result in larger extracellular concentrations of dopamine.   It does take some time before you will feel any effects because it needs to accumulate in the bloodstream, approx. 45 minutes to an hour.  Adrafinil has a half-life of 10 – 12 hours so do not take it if you plan on sleeping within that time-frame.  The effects are not strong, so don’t expect the same feeling as taking your pre-workout or double shot of expresso, but you will notice an increase in overall energy.  Your focus will increase, productivity will increase, and you will not be tired for quite some time.  As for being the same as NZT 48, not even close, but some studies show Phenylpiracetam to have memory enhancement effects so stacking them will get you as close to the “real thing” as scientifically possible in todays world.  Blackstone Labs The Razor’s Edge has already done this for you and added CDP Choline for even greater learning and memory retention.

Modafinil has been approved for certain use by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, and even the US Air Force.  The World Anti-Doping Agency added Adrafinil and Modafinil as a prohibited stimulant because it has been shown to extend the amount of time it takes to reach exhaustion and reduce the perception of effort required to sustain.  Also a very important precaution, do not combine this with yohimbine as this may cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure and heart rate.  Some side effects may be stomach pain, skin irritation, anxiety and elevated liver enzymes with prolonged use.

What is Ibutamoren (MK-677)?

There has been some buzz on this relatively new supplement compound Ibutamoren also known as MK-677, but what exactly is it and what can it do for you?

Well MK-677’s main purpose is to aid in the bodies recovery and help add lean muscle mass by increasing growth hormone levels. MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue which triggers the pituitary gland thus increasing the levels of growth hormone.  Some studies have been done showing increases by up to 90%, which is absolutely amazing! Normal dosing per day has been around 10-25 mg with dose dependent results.  Most people will see faster recovery times, increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat and quicker healing times when injured.   There are some side effects though such as numb extremities and mild lethargy. As with any dietary supplement caution should be used especially when on medication. You can find MK-677 in Blackstone Labs MK Ultra which is dosed at 10 mg per capsule.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Focus on Women’s Fitness

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Released: July 21, 2015

It was just released that one of the world’s largest sporting goods, fitness apparel retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods to turn focus into increasing retail space for women’s fitness apparel and accessories. Dick’s Sporting Goods will be building boutiques specifically for women’s fitness apparel, accessories and equipment under the brand “Chelsea Collective.” They will also be creating a house-brand “Calia” inspired and promoted by country music star Carrie Underwood. Calia will be the featured brand in these boutiques.

Dick’s Sporting Goods senior vice president Lauren Hobart states, “As leaders in sporting goods and fitness apparel, we wanted to provide a destination for women who are on their own personal fitness journeys.” Those journeys are growing…rapidly.

An overwhelming increase in the competitiveness with women in fitness, it is clear that women are giving the guys a run for their money. Whether it’s CrossFit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just overall athletic conditioning, many women have broken through their niches as some of the top athletes in the world. Kudos to you Dick’s Sporting Goods for providing women even more tools for growth! Look out fellas, a woman out there is warming up with your PR. Ouch!

Source: TribLive