P28 Announces New Pancake Flavors

Many of us have enjoyed a tasty pancake. P28 Foods had launched their protein packed dry pancake mix late 2014 with two core flavors, Buckwheat and White Chocolate. Well move over core flavors, here comes the newest to the P28 Pancake family, Chocolate Coconut and Strawberries n’ Cream!

For those who’ve never tried the P28 Pancakes, besides being absolutely delicious, the dry mix packs in 28 grams of PROTEIN per two (2) pancakes. (normal, not hulk sized pancakes) They use absolutely ZERO high fructose corn syrup, ZERO trans fats, non-GMO, and ZERO artificial preservatives. This is the ultimate definition of cheating clean.

The two (2) new flavors, Chocolate Coconut and Strawberries n’ Cream are currently on order and should be available by the end of April 2015.

P28 Pancake Mix - Chocolate Coconut and Strawberries N' Cream - SupplementCentral.com

FDA Issues Warning Letter to 14 Companies Regarding Amp-Citrate, DMBA

AMP Citrate Products - SupplementCentral.com

Here we go again!  The FDA just issued 14 warning letters to Supplement Companies that have DMBA in their products claiming the ingredient is not a legal dietary supplement and products that contain it are considered to be adulterated. Amp-Citrate also known as 1,3-Dimethylbutylamine; 4-Amino Methylpentane Citrate; AMP; 4-Amino-2 Methylpentane Citrate is a similar ingredient to DMAA which has already been pulled voluntarily by many companies.  A few of the companies that were issued warning letters are Blackstone Labs, Nutrex Research, Prime Nutrition, Lecheek Nutrition and VPX Sports.

AMP Citrate & DMAA Chart - Chemical Compounds - SupplementCentral.com

What does this mean?  Well the supplement companies have 15 business days to respond and most likely the product will cease production during this time. Meaning, there will be no more product(s) produced containing AMP Citrate.

Now what does this mean to you?  Well if you are a AMP Citrate or an old DMAA junky then we suggest you start stocking up on these items, as supplies will quickly diminish if the FDA starts to force their hand.


Q&A with Cutler Nutrition’s Jess Welna

Jess Welna - Cutler Nutrition Q&A - SupplementCentral.com

The inside look at Cutler Nutrition’s Jess Welna on his day-to-day and inspiration as he trains his way to the NPC USA  Bodybuilding Championship July 2015.

How did you get started in fitness, competing or modeling?

I’ve always played sports. I like any competition and love a challenge.  This is one of the most challenging sports I’ve ever tried.

What’s the best part about being a fitness icon?

I’m no icon, but I get to hang out with some! I’ve learned a lot from those guys.  Maybe someday I will be.

How do you stay motivated? Q&A with Jess Welna - Cutler Nutrition - SupplementCentral.com

Setting goals, sticking to them and surround myself with positive people.

Are you competing this year? 

Yes, I’m planning on USA’s in July.  I started to diet for it 3 weeks ago.

What does your diet consist of?

I use a lot of lean protein and clean carbs. I try to use multiple sources of each every day. Chicken is a staple, I’ll do raw egg whites for breakfast and I usually get at least 1 steak meal every day.  I try to have a few cheat meals every week

What is your absolute favorite type of music to work out to?

Rap, I need a good beat to help keep up my intensity.

What are your top 5 favorite songs to work out to?

1. Drake – 0-100

2. Future – Commas

3. Eminem – Till I Collapse

4. 50 Cent – Gangsta

5. Nikki Minaji – Truffle Butter

What is your biggest gym pet peeve?Jess Welna - Cutler Nutrition - Curling - SupplementCentral.com

Not putting the weights away is  the worst is the worst, but large groups kills me too.

What body part are you most proud of?

Delts, that’s my most improved.  Still working on them though.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?



What are your 3 favorite exercises?

Military press, seated calves, incline press

What does your supplement stack look like?


Cutler Nutrition Amino Pump

Cutler Nutrition Pro Pack (mutli-vitamin)

– Vitamin D3

BPI Sports Best BCAA’s,

– Carb Drink – vaires

– Fish Oil

– Glutamine

I try to limit my caffeine. I use Legend as a pre workout a few times a week.

Top 5 tips for people who want to get in shape?

Diet, hard work, consistency, stick to a plan, and setting goals.

What’s next for you?

Just to keep improving myself.  Always a work in progress.

Jess Welna Q&A - BPI Sports HQ - SupplementCentral.com


Height: 6’1”
Weight: 220lbs
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Website: www.cutlernutrition.com
Twitter: @jesswelnabpi
Instagram: @jess_cutlernutrition
Facebook: jess welna

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

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Serious athletes know that once they leave training their real work is just about to begin.  Proper recovery is an active process consisting of mobility, gentle resistance and range of motion work to stimulate blood flow.  Simply put, blood flow gets good stuff in and bad stuff out.  Avoiding areas that are sore are a common mistake made by youth athletes and weekend warriors alike.  If your feeling a bit roasted YOU NEED TO MOVE!

Before delving deeper into recovery we need to first understand what mobility truly means.  First and foremost, mobility is NOT synonymous with flexibility.  Mobility is a multidimensional approach to human movement.  Flexibility is just a portion of the entire whole that is mobility.  Let’s think of mobility as three distinct parts.

1. Flexibility, traditional understanding of lengthening of a muscle

2. Joint Capsule Range of Motion, freedom of movement around a joint including interactions with ligaments and tendons

3. Muscle/ Fascial Tissue Quality, how layers of muscle tissue interact with each other

To truly understand the recovery process all three of the components of mobility listed above need to be addressed regularly if not daily.  For instance,  you could have the most flexible muscles in the world but if your joints are physically impinged because of the rigors of life, training, and even gravity you ll have missing ranges of motion and ultimately this detracts from efficiency in movement.  The same can be said for surface on surface interactions within muscles.  Layers of muscle are intended to glide smoothely and interact effortlessly with each other.  However,  this is rarely the case!  When you train hard these muscle tissues become adhered to each other creating a gnarly , balled up mess.  This mess needs to be broken up via foam rolling, lacrosse ball smashing and simple massage.

To perform simple self maintenance you just need four (4) things. These things will allow you to recover from what has been done and prepare for what is yet to be done!

1. Foam Roller , break up those nasty matted down muscle adhesions

Valeo Foam Roller - Supplement Central

2. Lacrosse Ball, this is just a more aggressive approach to breaking up junky tissue.  Liken this to a foam roller on PED s, kind of like A ROD.

Lacrosse Ball - Supplement Central

3. Jump Stretch Band, that can be tethered or anchored to just about anything.  Hook this around your hips and shoulders with some significant tension and you ll resist proper joint spacing for humerus in shoulder girdle and femur in pelvic girdle.

Jump Stretch Bands - Supplement Central

4. YOURSELF, dynamic movements such as lunging, crawling, rolling and tumbling are fantastic for both recovery and mobility.

Until next time, train smarter and stay juiced y’all!

– Mike Whiteman
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Riverhounds 

Build a thick and fuller back with this simple routine

Sam Hall Back Pose - Supplement Central Blog

BIG BACK DAY! Get a thick and fuller back, let’s go…

Starting my back workout, I like to utilize the smith machine and to do bent over rows. I use the smith machine to focus on form and contraction of the lats to warm up the back.

Smith Machine Bent Over Row Sets

– 1 warm up set of 15 reps. Use no weight (just the bar) or add 5 – 10 pound plates to warm-up and get the back nice and stretched out.

3 heavy working sets. I increase weight and drop the rep range:

– Working set 1 – 10 reps
– Working set 2 – 8 reps
– Working set 3 – 6 reps
– The final smith machine set will be heavier weight for 6 reps with a drop set to burn out or reach physical exhaustion.

What’s a drop set exactly?

A drop set is a form of a working set technique for pushing through an exercise with a much lower weight than a persons’ max lifting weight.

Example: I can bent over row 100 pounds for 6 reps. This is my max working set that I would do for 6 reps, then drop the weight down to 80 pounds. At this weight, I will do 6 reps, then drop the weight down to 60 pounds, so on and so forth until you get down to just the bar or until you reach physical exhaustion.

Next workout is Rack Pulls

Rack pulls are almost like a half dead lift. The reason I like to do rack pulls is because on my back day, I only focus on my back. When doing a full deadlift you incorporate a lot of leg work. I save my leg work for leg day.

– 1 warm up set of 15 reps. Use no weight (just the bar) or add 5 – 10 pound plates to warm-up and get the lifting motion down.

3 heavy working sets. Using the same format as before, increasing the weight as I decrease the rep range.

– Working set 1 – 10 reps
– Working set 2 – 8 reps
– Working set 3 – 6 reps
– Working set 4 – 6 reps
– Finish the working sets with a drop set to burn out.

You can do rack pulls multiple ways. Some people like using 25lb plates so they can get a deeper squeeze, or you can use 45lb plates to stack that weight up. (LIGHT WEIGHT BABY!!!).

After rack pulls I start doing all of my rows. I go to the T-Bar Row to really get a nice pump and contraction in my back.

I use 45 pound plates because I get a very good contraction from the workout.

T-Bar Row Sets. 6 sets total here:

– 1 warm up set
– 3 sets, increasing weight each set, for 12-10-10 rep range
Finish off with two (2) heavy ass sets for 8 reps. – Feel that pump!!

Next workout is Seated Cable Row.

I like throwing resistance exercise into my workouts, which is why I like using the seated cable row machine rather than a plate loaded machine.

I always start heavy and end heavy with seated cable rows.

– 5 sets total , increasing the weight (resistance) each set
– 15-12-10-8-8 rep range

Last but not least, the Lat Pull Down.

Finally I start my lat pull downs to end my workout. There is a lot of controversies between wide grip pull downs or close grip pull downs. I do close grip and I’m not going to explain why, you’ll see for yourself! I stay generally lighter here because I hold a longer squeeze with this workout.

– 5 sets total, increasing the weight each set. (again, start with light weight)
– 20-15-12-10-10 rep range

Go heavy but don’t lose form and remember to squeeze!

Sam Hall Back Pump Flex

The total back domination workout routine. Use this workout, got a big back pump? Show me what ya’ got.  Snap a picture or video, tag us on social media, and use hash tag #bigbackdaySC for a repost!

– Sam Hall
Bodybuilder, Writer, Sponsored Athlete
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