The new candy craze flavors with MAN Sports™ ISO-AMINO’s with their new Fruit Smash flavor

MAN Sports™ does it again with a new mouth watering flavor of ISO-AMINOs, Fruit Smash! Not to be mistaken with your favorite childhood candy, the flavor is just about the same, just without the sugar. Willy Wonka Factory or Supplement Manufacturer? Just keep pumping out amazingly unique flavors MAN Sports™, we love them!

We’ve done it with the Sour Batch MAN Sports™ ISO-AMINO’s, try filing an ice tray with a mixture of water and 1 heaping scoop of Fruit Smash flavor. Drop the ice cubes in a shaker or water bottle on your way to the gym for a “sustained” release TASTY amino drink. The new Fruit Smash flavor ISO-AMINOs will be available soon, we will keep you posted!


The TRUTH from Purus Labs president on the new MyoFeed Protein


Inarguably one of the most influential nutrients an athlete can consume, we at Purus Labs® have always revered whole protein as a supplemental cornerstone. Until recently, however, we weren’t aware of the dire need for a quality manufactured “commodity” item such as this. We watched in disbelief as many companies were slapped with class action lawsuits for deceptive manufacturing practices. We listened to our customers’ pleas and answered the issue head-on by assembling a tiered-absorption pure protein with an amino acid-rich nutrient profile that goes beyond simple whey protein.


“Protein Spiking,” or “Amino Spiking,” has recently become a common deceptive practice throughout the sports supplements industry. In efforts to combat diminishing profit margins due to relentlessly rising protein prices, companies are slashing the amount of true, whole protein and replacing with cheap, free-form amino acids such as taurine, glycine, alanine or even arginine. They get away with this because they exploit a loophole whereby using these nitrogen rich amino acids, they fool the benchmark Kjeldahl methods for testing protein content. Functionally, this test relies on and measures nitrogen content to determine the amount of protein within a given sample; therefore, deceptively nitrogen-rich free form amino acids will not only register as whole protein gram for gram, but they register as far more protein than this allowing companies to use even LESS protein in their products. They mask these modifications by masquerading like they are adding extra amino acids, when in fact, they are substituting them for the whole protein you are paying for.



Cold Processed Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Isolate– Further refined by more stringent cold filtering, removing more fat and carbohydrates than with whey concentrate, isolate protein more quickly absorbed than most other proteins. This provides an immediate spike in plasma amino acid levels and ushers them to muscles at a rapid pace.

Microfiltered Whey Protein Concentrate– Rich in BCAA content and boasting one of the highest Biological Values (BV),104, this has long been the benchmark standard for supplemental protein. It is quickly absorbed, not as quickly as isolate though, making them a great stack.

Micellar Casein– non-denatured milk protein, micellar casein has a very slow and sustained digestion/absorption rate compared to that of whey isolate and concentrate. Although it doesn’t have the acute effect on plasma amino acid levels that the other two forms do, its sustained digestion feeds your muscles for longer periods.

VitaFiber Prebiotic Fiber– Isomalto-oligosaccharide is an uniquely shelf-stable and gluten free prebiotic fiber. Consuming enough high-quality protein is one thing, but digesting and absorbing the protein is an even more important factor. This highly specialized fiber will encourage digestive health, ensuring the proper stage is set for your protein consumption to be maximally utilized.

Aminogen Digestive Enzymes– This goes hand-in-hand with our VitaFiber addition as this patented blend of digestive proteases has been shown by researchers that it can triple the rate of protein absorption, double the levels of free form amino acids, and increase nitrogen retention up to 32%. This highly studied enzyme blend will help ensure your protein is broken down, processed and absorbed efficiently and effectively.


Entrust your daily protein requirements to Purus Labs® MyoFeed™ and eliminate the physical and financial risk of “Amino Spiking.”  Our mantra from day one, PRIDE OVER PROFIT, couldn’t be more applicable than now. We couldn’t just standby and let this travesty continue, so we created a solution…and our solution has natural cookie pieces in it.

A energy packed protein powder coming soon from Optimum Nutrition

It has been the beginning to a new year of the most unique protein and preworkout blends. Here we have Optimum Nutrition® closely following behind Musclemeds® release of their Raging Bull product. Optimum has put out their latest 52 serving product, Optimum Nutrition® Protein Energy™.

Each serving, 2 scoops, contains 20 grams of a quality blend protein along with roughly 120 milligrams of caffeinated energy which is just about equivalent to a 10 ounce cup of Joe (coffee). Each serving also contains Vitamin E and a small blend of Vitamin B’s. With a higher protein content, just about 1 gram of sugar & carbs, makes this energy packed protein shake a quality replacement to that morning coffee.

Back-to-Back, MAN Sports building yet another potent product

Yet another unique product in production from MAN Sports, PEPTEST™ BULK 35 servings. It appears the SOUR BATCH flavor by MAN Sports has really taken off since the release of the ISO-AMINO’s. It has been said this flavoring is the BEST to date from consumers. Back to PEPTEST™ BULK…

A few days ago MAN Sports has put out a teaser ad showing a few main bulletins to this product and what it is geared towards. It is labeled to be a “compounded testosterone pre-workout”. From the label, it states that will have explosive energy, skin bursting pumps (bandaids not included, an increase in strength and endurance. It has been said that this formula will use 450mg of 2 forms of caffeine! Things could get interesting with this compounded formula.

The preworkout category has really increased in size and use, with other companies like Lecheek Nutrition putting out Speed X3 TEST. We will have to put PEPTEST™ BULK to the test! This product has been said it is in the final stages of being release. We will be receiving a bottle of it to try out and will post our review on it!

MAN Sports to put out a powerful new thermogenic. LEAN Ph.D

With only teaser images and a few chats with the guys over at MAN Sports, the release of LEAN Ph.D™ 90 capsules will be epic and create a big splash in the thermogenic game early this year.

From the looks of the label, we can see that the claim is to have all day energy (hopefully no crash), superior focus & clarity, appetite & craving suppressant, and an effortless weight loss response. It appears they use an ingredient by the brand BioBumin® and each bottle contains 90 capsules. We will just have to wait a tad bit longer to check out the full ingredient panel as this product is still being produced.