Cellucor releases images of their new labels and product updates

The new look and additional products have been revealed by Cellucor and a break down of the NEW C4 series of products along with the alterations of their P6, CLK, NO3 Chrome and Super HD.

Cellucor G4 Fourth Generation Series

The C4 Series of 6 products includes C4, C4 Ready To Drink (RTD), C4, 50X, C4 MASS and C4 Ripped! Ingredient panels will be released shortly and we will have those posted as soon as possible.

The newly formulated Alpha Amino 30 serving has upgraded its new hydration system by using Hydromax™. Extreme muscle growth, P6 Testosterone Booster 120 capsules has upgraded its system to use ADAPTEST™ Ashwagandha. Add more pump to your workout with the new NO3 Chrome 180 capsules now with Nitrosigine™. Burn fat quicker with the new Super HD & CLK, CLK’s improved ingredients using SLIMPRO™ technology.

The next level of innovation has arrived. Cellucor the Fourth Generation has arrived!

Cellucor sends out teaser video of new G4 FOURTH GENERATION Series products

From the teaser video alone, you ca’t REALLY get a good read on what exactly the products are going to be, a few slender tubes and a good sized product to top of the line of 8 new products from Cellucor G4 Fourth Generation Series.

Cellucor G4 Fourth Generation Series. 8 New Products!

Cellucor has been very well know for their C4 and Super HD products and have won numerous awards for these products. Only means they know what they are doing and with this launch, should make a huge splash in time for the New Year.

Cook Clean, Cheat Clean with the New Quest Nutrition Quest Protein Powder!

Since the launch of the Quest Bars, Quest Nutrition has been a booming company. This year, Quest Nutrition has landed the number 2 spot on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies of 2014.

From their delicious Cookies & Cream bars to their new Quest Protein Chips, you think their quest to be on top has stopped? Nope. We introduce the new Quest Nutrition Quest Protein!

Quest Nutrition Quest Protein Powder 2lbs Family Shot

Quest Protein Powder 2lbs comes in 4 delicious flavors, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, Peanut Butter (taste amazing), and Strawberries & Cream and 1 Unflavored, Multi-Purpose Mix. Each tasty scoop yields 22 grams of protein, 5 grams of total carbohydrates and is at 110 calories. The unique thing Quest Nutrition has done with the packaging is that they place the protein breakdown, different types of proteins that calculate the total of 22 grams, on the front, left side of the label. The breakdown is 50% Whey Isolate, 40% Miscellar Casein and 10% Milk Protein Isolate. Contains NO Soy, NO Added Sugar and is Gluten Free!

Another great selling point to all flavors, including the multi-purpose, is that all of the powders contain bake-ready MCT Powder and Coconut Oil Powder. Makes this an amazingly tasty and healthy, bake-friendly product! #CheatClean #CookClean

Introducing Muscletech Anarchy Pre Workout

The idea behind Muscletech’s Anarchy 30 serving is that it’s going to be a high-energy pre workout supplement, with only ingredients that are going to enhance this workout.

There are no unnecessary ingredients, yet there are a few that have never been combined before, and one that’s not in many pre workouts that is going to be a potential difference-maker for some. We are looking at a price point to be around the mid $20 mark.