Purus Labs D-Pol Press Release

University Studies confirm benefits of D-Pol® extend to the gym and beyond.

Dallas, TX – November 12, 2014 – The University of Memphis conducted two studies on the effects of D-Pol confirming its validity and position in the dietary supplement marketplace.
The results of the studies, which are currently pending publication, were summarized by Dr. Rick Bloomer as follows:

“In the first study, 24 young and healthy men (average age of 23 years) were assigned in double-blind manner to ingest either D-Pol (one serving) or a placebo, daily for 28 days… Blood nitrate/nitrite was increased significantly following intake of D-Pol, from 19.1±2.1 μmol∙L-1 (pre) to 70.0±12.4 μmol∙L-1 at 14 days and 68.6±7.7 μmol∙L-1 at 28 days. The cumulative number of repetitions performed during a five-set bench press challenge was 11.3% higher after 28 days of supplementation with D-Pol, as compared to 3.6% higher for placebo.

“In our follow-up study, we enrolled 12 healthy, middle-aged men (average age of 42 years) who supplemented with D-Pol at either one or two servings daily for 28 days. Blood total and free testosterone and blood nitrate/nitrite was measured before and after 14 and 28 days of supplementation, as were subjects’ subjective feelings related to overall health. Total and free testosterone was increased on average approximately 7-10% with supplementation, with some subjects experiencing much more dramatic increases (e.g., >40%). As in our initial study, blood nitrate/ nitrite increased significantly with D-Pol treatment; approximately 4-fold with one serving daily
and 10-fold with two servings daily… Finally, subjective questionnaires completed by subjects indicated increased vitality, libido, energy levels, and mental outlook with D-Pol supplementation, at both dosages.”

Dr. Bloomer is currently Department Chair of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Memphis where he holds the title of Professor and Director of the Cardiorespiratory/Metabolic Laboratory. His research is focused on nutrient and exercise interventions aimed at attenuating oxidative stress—ultimately leading to improved metabolic and cardiovascular health. Purus Labs will continue to partner with Dr. Bloomer and his research team at the University of Memphis to test and enhance Purus products to ensure top quality and guaranteed results.

About Purus Labs®, Inc.:
Purus Labs® is a global sports nutrition company providing unique scientifically researched products for the dietary supplement industry. Since 2008, Purus Labs® has been at the forefront of innovation in the marketplace, being one of the first companies to offer products with full label disclosure and no proprietary blends. Focusing on quality control, Purus Labs® opened their own manufacturing facility, complete with an analytical lab and principle chemist in 2012.

Optimum Nutrition NEW Gold Standard Pre-Workout now available.

Many companies are pumping out new lines, flavors, and all around mind blowing new products. Just in time for the new year! Another golden bullet comes from Optimum Nutrition with the all NEW Gold Standard Pre-Workout!

Aside from the fresh, new look, the Gold Standard Pre-Workout is packed with a bang holding 30 servings per bottle. Each powerful scoop contains 175mg of caffeine from natural sources, 1.5g of carnosyn – beta alanine, and 3g of Creatine Monohydrate. It comes in 4 mouth watering flavors, Blueberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Green Apple and Watermelon. Continuing to stay out of the banned substance list, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout is Banned Substance FREE.


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Quest Nutrition Protein Chips have arrived!

The much anticipated wait for the Quest Nutrition Protein Chips is over!  We finally have these delicious chips in stock in both of our retail stores as well as our online store.  The Protein Chips come in a variety of different flavors and pack 21 grams of protein per serving.  Each bag only has 120 calories making it perfect for that in between meal.

GIANT Sports Nutrition MUSCLE MAKER launch within the US.

While Australia was one of the first to show up with Giant Sport’s redefining Delicious Casein, with the supplement expected to be coming stateside early next year. Supplement Central has bitten back, being the first to bring availability of the brand’s new mass gainer Muscle Maker to the US. As Giant promised it is available in just the one size here in America, the 8 serving 6lb. The online store who are almost always out first have valued the product at a rather cost effective $32.95, with two traditional flavors to choose from, chocolate and vanilla shake. Like most new release supplements, the latest from Giant is now likely to start making it’s way in to other stockists either today or later in the week, so keep an eye out if it has yet to hit your favorite retailer. From here we look forward to the 12lb Muscle Maker launch down under, as well as those two mystery products the brand have coming. One of which as previously mentioned, is going to see Giant enter a category they’re not currently in.

Giant Sports Nutrition Muscle Maker 6 pounds

Source: www.stack3d.com

MAN Sports announces new flavor of their newest product ISO-AMINO.

Coming fresh from the latest MicroBatch, ISO-AMINO by MAN Sports. Looks like they are at it again, unloading what looks to be 4 flavors of the latest ISO-AMINO’s. This appears to be one of the first, that we know of, pure isolated bcaa with a perfect 2:1:1 ration and zero artificial flavoring. States that it will mixes easily and has an amazing taste. We will just have to find out!

Shortly after releasing images of the new product, the first flavor was announced, MIGHTY MELON.

Although this will be available to the One Percenters first, we will bring you more details on the exact content of this ISO-AMINO Pure Isolated BCAA.