New Universal Nutrition Pro & Oats “Fresh Cinnamon Roll”

Kicking out yet another awesome flavor, Universal Nutrition definitely hit the nail on the head with the New “Fresh Cinnamon Roll” flavor.

"Fresh Cinnamon Roll"

After cracking open the fresh 3lb container an immediate rush of cinnamon rolls past your nose and tickles your taste buds, it had my mouth salivating. Digging into the jug to find a the ~50g BULLDOZER scoop, the consistency of the product was soft and fluffy. Not common when you think of combining a protein powder with grounded oats.

"Fresh Cinnamon Roll" Inside

At one even scoop and 20 ounces of cold water, it was time to test my nose and taste it…YUM!

The cinnamon blend with the ultra-filtrated whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and oat blend (oat fiber & rolled oats), the smoothness of this Pro (protein) & Oats could not have been blended and consumed at a much smoother consistency by any other similar product(s) on the market.

Compared to many, Universal Pro & Oats is packed with 186 cals, 2g fat, 18g carbs (7g fiber, 7g sugars) and 24g of protein makes this shake the optimum meal replacement shake on the market. Tasting great and being nutritionally balanced, use this shake in the morning if you are on the go or on the road traveling.

"Fresh Cinnamon Roll" Nutrition Facts

ETB “Eat The Bear” Pure Isolate Protein Review

So we had some of our friends over at P28 Foods refer us to a company they work closely with about taking on their new product line. After speaking with these guys, we decided to bring on ETB.

IFBB Pro and ETB Sales Rep Dean Michael had sent over a tub of the ETB Chocolate Pure Isolate Protein to try out for ourselves. Now, isolate protein tends to be gritty and doesn’t dissolve well. At Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs and Zero Fat, this isolate was claimed to be the real deal.

Apprehensive about trying out this protein Dean had rant and raved about, I took 1 level scoop with 20oz of cold water, let’s just see how good this really taste and mixes.

Dean could have not been anymore right with this protein. Among all pure isolates that we have tasted, the ETB Pure Isolate stands out at the top of its kind. The chocolate flavor being a very creamy cocoa flavor definitely caught me off guard with its rich texture and pure, smooth chocolate flavor.

It was also recommended to help cure that sweet tooth, take 1 level scoop and add 2 tbl spoons of cold water into a bowl. Take a wire whisk or spoon and whip it into an icing or cream. After, take the whip and spread it onto rice cakes or your favorite nutritional treat for a nice added healthy snack food to your diet!


Taste the Colors

Fitness Food Tip: Foods with bright, rich colors are more than just nice to look at. They’re also packed with flavonoids and carotenoids, powerful compounds that bind the damaging free radicals in your body, lowering inflammation. (Sadly, skittles do not count.) Eat nine fistfuls of colorful fruits and vegetables each day and you’ll reap the benefits without having to give up other foods. Whenever I shop the produce aisle, I’m reminded that these foods are often more powerful than the drugs sold in pharmacies. My favorites are strawberry’s and red peppers.

By: Dr. Oz
Source: Men’s Health


Prolactin Levels in Men

What is Prolactin? How do you detect high levels of Prolactin in men?

High Level Prolactin (hyperprolactinemia)

Prolactin is one of several hormones, produced by the pituitary gland. Prolactin secretion has a circadian rhythm: its level is highest during sleep at night and lowest around noon time.Secretion of prolactin takes place in pulses, usually separated by about 90 minutes.

The main normal function of prolactin is during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is produced in large amounts and is responsible for lactation after delivery. Prolactin also causes lack of mense during pregnancy and for a number of months after delivery.

Symptoms of High Prolactin Level

A high blood level of prolactin is called Hyperprolactinemia. In women, a high prolactin level can cause menstrual irregularities, including cessation of menses, infertlity, discharge from breasts, decreased libido, and mood swings. If untreated, patients with high prolactin can also develop a decrease in the bone density and osteopenia or osteoporosis.

In men, the main symptom of hyperprolactinemia is a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction.

In women and men, symptoms may also include those of the underlying cause of high prolactin level. For example, a pituitary tumor, in addition to raising your prolactin level may also cause headaches and visual problems.

Causes of High Prolactin Level

When someone is found to have a high prolactin level on a blood testing, usually physicians ( especially in the USA ) have a knee jerk reflex of ordering MRI sacn of the brain to rukle out pituitary tumor. Because they don’t want to miss the diagnosis of a tumor for fear of litigation. This mind set often results in unnecessary MRI scans of the brain. This kind of practice may actually miss the real cause of elevated prolactin level such as drugs.

Here is a list of the common causes of a high prolactin level in the blood:


Breast stimulation



Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

Drugs such as estrogen( oral contraceptives), metoclopramide ( brand name, Reglan ),domperidone,  verapamil, methydopa, reserpine, cimetidine (as intravenous), narcotics and many anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs.

Liver disease

Kidney failure 

Chest wall pain

Spinal cord lesions

Pituitary tumor

Other Pituitary/hypothalamic diseases such as acromegaly, Cushing’s disease, sarcoidosis, metastases, tuberculosis,hemochromatosis,  meningioma, head trauma, empty sella.

Radiation to skull.

Common pitfalls in Blood Drawing for Prolactin:
On your annual examination, your physician gives you a thorough breast examination and then nurse comes in and draws your blood for prolactin. Breast stimulation from the breast examination can result in mild elevation in prolactin level. Having sexual intercourse before the blood draw can also cause a mild elevation in your prolactin level.

Stress causes a mild elevation in prolactin level. Slight elevation in prolactin level often takes place in the afternoon. Therefore, prolactin level should be drawn in a fasting state. Normal prolactin blood level is less than 20 ng/ml. A mild elevation such 20-40 ng/ml may be due to a peak of a pulse or due to stress or breast stimulation. Therefore, in these cases of slight elevation in prolactin, three levels of prolactin should drawn on three separate days to confirm the diagnosis of a true elevation in prolactin level due to a pathological reason.

Treatment obviously depend upon the cause. For high prolactin level due to a pituitary tumor, three treament modalities are available:




Drugs are the treatment of choice In most cases, . These drugs are: Bromocriptine ( brand name, Parlodel)  and Cabergoline ( brand name, Dostinex).

Side-effects of these drugs include: Nausea, dizziness, weakness, low blood pressure upon standing, nasal congestion, abdominal pain, and constipation.Rarely hallucinations can also occur.

Surgery itself is often non-curative and often needs to be followed by drugs. Radiation takes years to be effective and can cause serious irreversible damage tothe pituitary gland and other strucures in the brain. Obviously, you need to discuss pros and cons each treament modality with your physician.

Source: Online Med Info
This article was written by Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, FACE.

“NY” to Ban DMAA

Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) (Methylhexamine, Geranamine, Forthane)

Promote weight loss by suppressing appetite and Nasal decongestant.

By Stephen Daniells Nutra Ingredients USA

New York State Senate Majority Coalition Leader Jeff Klein is seeking to ban the sale of products containing the controversial ingredient DMAA (dimethylamylamine) in the Empire State.

Klein introduced legislation yesterday, and the announcement was met with opposition by Steve Mister, President and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

“It’s not unusual to see a state legislator target an ‘ingredient du jour’, and try to create a cause for themselves,” Mister told NutraIngredients-USA.

“Our position is that it is inappropriate for a state to introduce legislation for an ingredient that is already on the FDA radar and is an open case for the Agency.

FDA issued warning letters to manufacturers and distributors of supplements containing DMAA last year and again earlier this year. The companies have responded to these warning letters. “The ball is back with FDA,” said Mister.

“FDA is in the best position on this,” he added. “They have all the data and they are charged with protecting public health. It’s therefore inappropriate for a state legislator to introduce something like this, however well meaning. For that reason we oppose it.”


DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine, also known as methyl hexaneamine (MHA), and several other names) has been a subject of intense debate about whether it is in fact a constituent of geranium. The ingredient was first manufactured synthetically by drug giant Eli Lily in the 1940s.

The ingredient has come under scrutiny across the globe and is currently banned in six countries, as well as by the U.S. military .

The deaths of two soldiers that were linked to DMAA are cited by Klein as a reason behind his legislation. Senator Klein was joined by Leanne and Michael Sparling, the parents of Private Michael Sparling, a soldier at Fort Bliss military base who died shortly after ingesting DMAA-containing Jack3d, on June 1st 2011. The Sparling family has filed a suit for wrongful death against the product’s manufacturer, USPLabs, and against *** Stores.

“If it’s not safe for soldiers, it’s not safe for our kids,” said Senator Klein. “These manufacturers are exploiting shortcomings in FDA oversight to profit off of unsuspecting student athletes.

“Our kids are being told that DMAA will give them an edge over their competition. But that’s dead wrong. Not only are these products dangerous, but they jeopardize the athletic eligibility of anyone who uses them. We’re here to put an end to that.

“The outright refusal by drug makers and retailers to place a meaningful warning label on these products is shameful. We will not allow their recklessness to endanger any more student athletes. I hope that the FDA eventually acts—but until then, it’s up to the states to take action.

“That’s why I’m introducing legislation today to eliminate the DMAA threat in New York once and for all.”

“Attacking the problem in exactly the right way”

Senator Klein’s actions were supported by former MLB All-Star Jose Canseco.

“Senator Klein is attacking this problem in exactly the right way,” he said.

“I know how dangerous these products can be and I’ve seen how easy they are for kids to buy. I’m proud to be here today to support Senator Klein, because instead of sitting on his hands like most politicians, Senator Klein is actually out there leading on this issue.

“It’s clear that Senator Klein means business—I’m just glad that I could be here to help him make his case.”

Step in the right direction

The medical discussion at Monday’s roundtable was led by Dr Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and a general internist at Cambridge Health Alliance who has personal experience caring for patients harmed by DMAA.

“It’s unacceptable that an experimental drug is sold is in the guise of a natural supplement. Senator Klein’s legislation is an important step in the right direction toward ensuring the safety of supplements sold in New York,” said Dr. Cohen.

Source: NY to Ban DMAA