Supplement Central Review: MuscleBasix

Muscle Basix Pre/During/Post StackPre/During/Post Stack

By: Natalie Freed & Shane Post

A few months ago, MuscleBasix sent a Workout Stack to Supplement Central for us to try out firsthand. I recently sat down with Shane Post to see how the stack affected his workout:

The pre-workout drink, CreaSyn, delivers creatine, carnosyn, and beta alanine without any of the bloating that is sometimes associated with creatine supplements. Shane used a normal serving of CreaSyn before his heading to the gym. During his workouts, he drank the BasixBCAA, which is formulated with the proven 2:1:1 Leucine to Isoleucine to Valine ratio. Recoverade is the last step of the MuscleBasix Stack. Shane drank a serving immediately after his workouts, and didn’t think he felt as sore and fatigued the next day. Recoverade replenishes glycogen, aminos, and electrolytes to rehydrate your body and rebuild those muscles!

Shane reported that all three parts of the stack tasted really good, but his favorite flavor was the Blue Raspberry. The powders mix into water easily – definitely not the kind of pre-workout drink you have to choke down in clumps of weird-tasting fruit flavors. As far as digestibility, Shane said that nothing bothered his stomach – a perk of a simple and effective product.

Overall, these workout supplements are not meant to be the kind that jacks you up for a crazy workout, making you dizzy and sweaty before you start the first set. Those supplements tend to end with a crash and a giant headache, right? The effects of the MuscleBasix Workout Stack don’t hit you like a freight train. Instead, they’re more subtle. Even though the stack isn’t packed with stimulants, the effect Shane noticed the most was the improved muscle resiliency – when you don’t feel as sore after a workout, you start the next one feeling that much better! All of the carefully selected ingredients are there to help you have the best workouts possible – no crash, no headache, less muscle fatigue, and faster workout recovery.

We think MuscleBasix products are great for people who only want the important ingredients in a supplement – without a laundry list of ingredients and proprietary blends. Each part of the stack has a specific use (pre-, intra-, and post-workout) and relies on the simplicity of a few clinically-tested ingredients.

If you’ve had enough of the gimmicky, new workout supplements that aren’t backed with clinical proof, give MuscleBasix a try! Get more information on this product here.